First Impressions: Because This is My First Life

Last week was a week full of new dramas which meant I was busy trying to decide which of the nine I would be simulcasting. Yup, you heard right. Nine new kdramas aired last week which is a bit too much for even this Fangirl to watch all at once. So a decision had to be made. Come find out if Because It Is My First LIfe made the cut as I share my first impressions.

Lee Min Ki is back!

I am betting that a ton of our readers (specifically anyone that has become a kfan in the last 5 years) are unaware of the charm of Lee Min Ki. Even before his military enlistment, he had primarily starred in dark themed movies which means he has been missing from dramas for a very long time. So it is a joy to see him back on my tv screen every week and in a romantic role.

And he has not disappointed. LMK brings a depth to his character Nam Se Hee, who is a single-minded programmer who loves his cat and his house….. No literally, those are the two things he lives his life around. Which is both weird and yet adorable at the same time. Who could say no to this man holding his fluffy kitty?

Weird and adorable are the perfect adjectives to describe this man, who in order to work, needs a specific type of roommate. One who will recycle his garbage, clean his house, and feed his cat.

Jung So Min is a surprising delight

Enter Jung So Min’s character Yoon Ji Ho. A screenwriter who has found herself homeless thanks to a selfish brother and father. She jumps at the chance to share the room with someone who is only requesting a small amount of rent… as long as the chores and the cat are taken care of. The only problem, both assume that they are the same sex, not opposite sexes.

After a series of almost meetings, the pair discovers (In a hilarious way that I don’t want to spoil) that they are roommates. Comedic interactions ensue. I literally can not get enough of these two traveling the trials of living together. Not to mention the constant question of whether one or the other is developing feelings.

You might be wondering why I titled this segment Jung So Min is a surprising delight.  Well, to be honest.  Until Father is Strange, (her previous drama) I have not really been a huge Jung So Min fan.  I don’t know if it was because I first watched her in Playful Kiss in which I found her character very annoying.  Or if I still have PTSD from her screeching performance in Can We Get Married.  Regardless, I have been less than wowed. That has changed with the choice of her last several roles.  Instead of being manic and annoying, her characters have been down to earth and likable.  This is a shift I wholeheartedly support  of, and I hope her drama decisions continue in this positive vein.

Contract marriage/cohabitation for the win

The cohabitation trope is my all-time favorite drama trope. There is just something so entertaining about the story of two strangers who are forced into close proximity and fall in love. When you add in the contract marriage storyline on top of the cohabitation it becomes perfect.

Realistic characters develop quirky charm

You might be asking yourself what sets this cohabitation drama apart from all the others that have come before? While it’s not a unique storyline, Because This is My First Life, has a sincerity that we rarely see in romantic comedies. Both Ji Ho & Se Hee are realistic characters with realistic concerns and trials. To be honest, it is a bit odd to watch characters who don’t have some kind of manic personality fall in love. But, despite it being out of the norm, I am loving how they have kept the realism but mixed in just a few odd yet charming quirks. It gives this drama a sense of comfort but is at the same time a breath of fresh air.

Would I recommend?

I 100% recommend this drama. I personally can not get enough and it is in a three-way tie as my favorite current airing drama (check back in the next week as I write some reviews on my other favorites.) This is the perfect show to watch in the fall as the weather changes and you want to snuggle up and watch some sweet romance.

Come join me on this fun adventure and check out Because This is my First Life HERE then come back and share the drama love.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I didn’t know what to expect/wasn’t expecting much from this drama, but I was completely on board after the first two episodes!

  2. I can’t get enough of these delightful characters! My drama slump is Over! LMK is wonderful and I’m so glad he’s back on the small screen. Fingers crossed that this drama keeps its charm.

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