First Impressions: Mad Dog

Last week we saw a ton of premiers and we thought we’d give a first impression of a few that we watched. I happily grabbed up Mad Dog.  A show on the outside that looks about as interesting as sitting on hold with your insurance company for four hours. But once you peal back the premise you get a sexy caper drama with a pretty big melodramatic underbelly.

Five reasons you should check this show out.

1-5: Woo Do Hwan.

Okay, okay. Maybe there are other reasons, but I’m not sure you need them. Even though Woo Do Hwan wasn’t actually in a huge portion of episodes one and two, when he was there, dang, he lit up the screen. If you’re wondering who Woo Do Hwan is, he’s been around for a while but his big break out role was in the recently ended Save Me. He played the loyal friend and understated hero so well. My heart bled for him. I’m excited to see him in this role. His character seems pretty complicated and layered. I won’t give too much away about him since the first two episodes did a fantastic job setting up his character.

Reason 6: #Team Mad Dog.

My favorite part of a caper movie is usually the slick twists and turns the team uses to get in and out of places. But it’s also the relationships between the team members and this drama does not disappoint. Not only is our team cute to watch together, you get a sense of their deep family like bond from the beginning. They’ve been through a lot together and it shows.


Let’s meet the team.

Choi Kang Woo -Team Leader

Yoo Ji Tae is oh so sexy in his black leather jacket and messy hair. Yes, I want him to stay in the outfit we first meet him in the entire drama. He’s a tragic figure who is flippant but very driven. The team looks up to him and treats him as the father figure. At face value he seems to be the steady leader, but the more we get to know him, the more we realize he’s actually the one everyone is trying to hold together.

Park Soon Jung  -The Muscle

Ex-con and Kang Woo’s right hand man. Soon Jung treats Kang Woo almost as a mob boss like figure. He’s loyal and willing to do whatever he’s asked to do. How does Jo Jae Yun go from being the creepy character that I loathed in Save Me to a guy I’m hoping will some day be able to fulfill his dream to become a nurse? He is an excellent character actor and it’ll be a joy to watch him team up with Woo Do Hwan in this.

Jang Ha Ri -Girl Friday

She’s your typical girl side kick. She uses her looks to distract and wheedle her way into places, but she also shows some pretty great acrobatic skills along with some impressive race car abilities. The cockroach scene she had with Woo Do Hwan was short, but they already showed they have great onscreen chemistry. Not that this show promises any romance. That being said, I think she is a great asset to the team and actually the one who keeps them centered and on task.

On Noo Ri – Cutie Computer Whiz

He’s a genius at computers but is allergic to the sun so he can’t go out on missions. I have to admit at first I wished Key could be the nerdy guy behind he computer but Kim Hye Seong seems like he’ll be an adorable add to the team.

Reason 7: The Plot

Like I said at the beginning the premise seems boring. They stop insurance fraud, but it’s the execution that makes it exciting. Each time they take someone down it feels like they’re planning a heist. Not worried about the law or rules of a regular insurance company. The first two episodes did a nice job setting up the backstory while still keeping it interesting in the present. There were a few surprises that give me hope that the writer will keep us on our toes.

So whether you check this drama out for the cast or maybe you just need something besides romance and want a little breaking and entering with a side of saving the day, one insurance claim at a time. I hope you’ll give Mad Dog a chance.

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    • It is hard to find a replacement for Forest. This one has a different vibe but I’m still looking forward to this team and these actors.

  1. Great review for Mad Dog. It has been two thumbs up so far, not one scene made me walk away from the screen to wait for it to be over.Anticipating for episode 5 & 6 to air. (F.Y.I. The wrong picture of On No Ri is posted.)

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