14 Days of Kpop: Highlight Edition

Music and I have an interesting relationship. I’ve lived in many parts of America and therefore have had the experience of the people around me liking many different types of music. From growing up with artists like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton on the station wagon radio or my current location where the grunge of the 90’s was born. I’m also married to a musician (who does NOT listen to pop music) and live in a house full of very opinionated little music lovers. So my journey to becoming a Kpop lover was a slow one. Come join me as I discuss my first official bias and how I found his group.

When I started watching dramas, one of the things I noticed was that the songs played in them were just NOT my thing. Way too many ballads. There have been a few dramas that won me over in the following years. (I have the Signal soundtrack on my favorites playlist.)

Then I watched To the Beautiful You and was encouraged by a fellow drama watcher (Jennie B. if you’re curious) to check out SHINee because of Minho. I gave a few of the videos a whirl and thought that Kpop, like the drama soundtracks, might just not be for me.

Fast forward a few months and everyone was talking about Monstar. I was a bit wary since it was a music drama and I hadn’t had the best experience with Korean music, but I gave it a try. And I fell SOOOO hard for Yoon Sul Chan.

He was adorable and those LIPS! The music in this drama was also really good. (The song above is actually a duet project from one of the group members.) When I found out that the actor Junhyung was an idol,  I decided to give Kpop one more go.

The first video I found for the formally named group, Beast (B2ST) was Breath.

Maybe it was because their hair was pretty normal, or their clothes weren’t too crazy or the darker theme of the video… or because Junhyung opens the video. Whatever it was, by the time they started dancing, I was hooked. Soon I was watching every available video they had trying to spot my first ever Kpop bias. (Before I really knew what that meant. LOL).

Of all the videos I watched, the one that stands out the most is Shock. I think it was Junhyung’s mohawk. But again, I also loved the sound of the song and the darker feel to their video.

While Monstar aired it’s 12 episodes, a fantastic thing happened. Beast had a comeback. I had to learn what the heck comebacks were before I realized how excited I should be. Comeback? Did they disband? You know you’ve all been through it. Then their MV dropped and I proceeded to watch it over and over again, then the live performances started popping up and I couldn’t believe my great fortune (and how many hours I logged in on YouTube).

Shadow continued with their darker themed videos. Junhyung’s rap while sitting on the throne is still one of my favorite scenes for him. But the live performances also brought some of the other members front and center to my attention. Yoseob has a voice like an angel. It’s actually something that Junhyung pushes to the limit when he composes, and Yoseob has jokingly complained about a few times. Later songs of theirs really show his range.

The other member I noticed was Doojoon. Not sure what about him that drew my attention, but I’m so glad I noticed him because his drama roles have put him really high on my list of actors. If you’ve never seen any of Yoon Doo Joon’s work here are my favorites.

(Don’t watch this if you’re on a diet, you will pig out because of all the tasty food!)

(I really want a full length drama with these two. PLEASE drama gods!)

Back to my journey. I’ve branched out and found other groups that I love as much (I won’t admit to more) but this group will always have a special place in my heart. That is why I was in panic mode when they did not renew their contract with Cube (their former entertainment company).

Thankfully, these boys are all extremely talented and also had my bias already composing their songs , so they were able to form their own company. They weren’t able to retain their former name but rebranded themselves as Highlight. If their new music and energy level when they perform is any indication, they are happier than ever now.

They have departed a little from the darker themes and sound they had earlier in their career and their first song for their comeback as Highlight was a good indication of what direction they’ll take. Plz Don’t Be Sad is a love note to their fans to not be sad but happy for the changes that happened within the group. (They also lost a member right before the transition who is still with their old company).

Junhyung & Gikwang both had solo comebacks since the change and I’ve loved them as well. Okay, I think I’d love anything Junhyung put out. (I’m even willing to forgive the fringe jacket.)

And one of my favorite dramas of 2017 had Lee Gikwang in it. If you like sci-fi you have to check Circle out. He did such a great job in it.

I didn’t go into too much detail to describe every single member or why you should like them. I think everyone has their own tastes and each member might catch your eye differently. If you haven’t listened to them before then hopefully I’ve given you a good enough taste to hook you. And if their music doesn’t do it for you, then you should still check out the dramas they’ve been in. They’re all very talented and I look forward to more music and dramas to come. (I’m still waiting for Junhyung to do another drama but I’m pretty sure he didn’t like acting. LOL.)

As an added bonus, their new MV just dropped!! I love it so much. It continues the fun feel of the last comeback and keeps the lyrics very real. Pretty much, stop dwelling on the past because nothing good can come from staying there. I can’t wait to see this live.

To all the music lovers out there,

Drama Geek out!

Dramas With a Side of Kimchi out



9 thoughts on “14 Days of Kpop: Highlight Edition

  1. I did not realize BEAST was HIGHLIGHT now. But, Monstar was the first soundtrack I ever bought – I had to order on cd from Korea and wow, was I excited. Now, I still have a quite a few songs on rotation in my various playlists. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Heh, Monstar and Jun Hyung were pretty much why I decided to give Beast a go. As I’d already been immersed in kpop for several years by then, I’d ‘seen’ Beast around but never really paid attention to them. Too many groups, too little time… Anyway, I promptly fell in love with Shadow and hey presto, got yet another group to keep tabs on. 🙂

    I rather love how happy they look these days and really seem to enjoy performing. The new song is very cheery and the video hilairious. They looked great @ MCountdown today btw.^^ October’s been a busy month, feels like every group ever just had a comeback.

    • I had a sick kid today so I didn’t get a chance to stalk YouTube for their live performance. Thank you for letting me know. I too love how happy they seem these days.

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