Memory Lost: Episode 4-6

While the mystery heats up, so does our amnesia romance. We wrap up (sort of) our first case for the team and our lovers go their separate ways. But the powers that be seem to like our duo working together so no need to worry about the temporary separation.

Hypnotized Sex Offender? Not buying it.

After a third rape is thankfully stopped before the suspect can complete the act, the team narrows their suspects down to two guys at the local circus. Both are magicians but one of them was burned during a magic trick and his now a clown. The drunken hot head magician fits the profile, but Jin Xi thinks somethings just not right. She decides that the rapist might have had an accomplice. Okay, anytime there is a sex crime and the person has someone that helps them out it just makes me want to puke. The original crime is horrifying enough but when you have an accomplice helping you complete the act it’s just sick on so many levels. They do eventually figure out that the clown and the hot head magician are working together. After they’re distracted by an amusement park ride  gone awry (more on that later) they eventually end up chasing the suspects down. They’re on a motorcycle and our duo ends up on a quad following them through narrow streets.

The magician and the clown run into a restaurant and take the owner and her son hostage. When our duo gets there the hot headed magician is determined to not go to jail and holds the son with a knife to his throat. Surprisingly, the clown is the one that shoots him. But when we find out that all of the evidence points to the now dead magician it isn’t that shocking.

Jin Xi gets him to confess (again we’ll discuss in our favorite 5 moments) and the case is closed.

But is it? The clown learned to hypnotize people from someone else and that person is the one who would send letters to the clown. In flashback we see that the third rape that they were able to stop before it happened was the clown’s test to see if he could hypnotize properly and actually do the deed. So the original two rapes were not carried out by the clown or the magician, but the mastermind. Which means the team thinks they’ve won but there is still a rapist on the lose.

Top 5 Moments:

Incompetent Amusement Park Workers

Drama Geek: When I get on a ride at an amusement park, I do it with the hope that if something goes wrong , they have people on staff that might have a clue about fixing it. That is not the case this time. As a distraction the clown makes one of the rides malfunction and no one seems to know how to stop it. Han Chen throws a bunch of tools in a bag and climbs all the way to the top of the ride. Then he throws a wrench in the cogs that swing the contraption into the air. Yes, he literally throws a wrench in there to stop it. Um… I really question the validity of this working. But he’s the hero and everyone cheers.

Kmuse: Hahaha.  This whole scene made me so nauseous.  The older I get the less I trust amusement rides so this scene was a nightmare come to life.  Also, as a diversion, it barely worked so it gets a C- in terms of follow through.  These two rapists/hypnotists seem to be pretty incompetent when all is said and done.

Quad acrobats

Drama Geek: During the chase scene Jing Xi is the one that hops on first and she drives, but because of her directional ineptitude Han Chen switches with her halfway through. It was a nice little stunt and I liked how it showed how in sync they can be when they’re not bickering.

Kmuse: Am I the only one that is expecting there to be a speedboat chase next?  The director really likes his chase scenes.  That said, I also enjoyed how in sync our OTP is in a pinch as well.

Don’t talk about someone’s hotness unless you look behind you first

Drama Geek: During a moment of frustration Jing Xi goes off on all the things Han Chen does that annoy her, but then she finally admits he’s good looking and a fashionable dresser. Of course, Han Chen hears everything and seems quite pleased she finds him attractive. He even scolds her and claims she’s good looking too so why should it be a problem for him as a cop. Come on, just kiss already. It might trigger your memories.

Kmuse: I loved how their chemistry was sparking outside right after this moment.  Hot hot hot!  I also loved her minion’s hilarious expressions as he tried to get her to stop talking.  So funny.

Han Chen asks for help

Drama Geek: Han Chen needs Jing Xi’s help so he can look in this enormous database of missing persons that you can’t access unless you have a court order. Or Jing Xi, because apparently the person in charge will let her in whenever she wants. I liked this scene because Han Chen is vulnerable with Jing Xi and really does let his guard down. If they’d just go out do dinner and discuss their past then they might be able to make the connection. But it’s still too soon for that.

Kmuse: I also don’t mind waiting for the romance.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like seeing their friendship develop in the meantime.  Things were a lot friendlier between the two by the end of this case.  I especially loved that Jing Xi went out of her way to get care package of local delicacies for Han Chen as a thank you for his help.  It was especially entertaining since she was trying to do it on the down low but her secret charity was exposed when she takes down a thief and ends up an viral video.  haha

Jing Xi don’t play that game

Drama Geek: When Jing Xi interrogates the clown he’s very smug and halfway through starts tapping his sucker on his water glass. He orders Jing Xi to sit back down and she complies. Then the clown starts twisting things around, and at first it seems Jing Xi is in fact hypnotized, but then she takes a coin out and spins it. From then on she’s in control of the conversation and she gets him to confess to everything. Han Chen does help out by telling Shi Heng to wait five minutes and go in and tell Jing Xi that they were able to revive the magician. This is just enough to send the clown over the edge because he knows his perfect frame job isn’t so perfect with the magician alive. What’s great about Han Chen’s character is he trusts Jing Xi to do her job well, even though he challenges her methods sometimes. And you can see his appreciation for her talent in the secret smiles he gets when he sees her in action.

Kmuse: I couldn’t get past the fact that the wannabe rapist had a tiny scar and not some hideous burns from  his fire.  The amount of wrapping compared to the burn zone is way overdone.  That said, I enjoyed how Jing Xi got him to confess.

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: When the case is done and Han Chen goes back home, his childhood friend (read that as annoying entitled girl who seems to think Han Chen belongs to her) has no idea who this mysterious fiancé is. Neither does his family. Which, to me, means that in the past when Han Chen and Jing Xi were together they kept it from his family and friends. Probably because his family wouldn’t approve of her or something. Or maybe they’re all lying to him and know that she existed but for whatever reason feel it’s best for him to not know about her. It looks like Jing Xi and Han Chen will both be tasked to work on a special force together along with Shi Heng. Not sure how slightly creepy doctor will end up following them, but I’m positive he will.

Kmuse: I can’t wait to see  them together and not fighting over who is in charge. I look forward to the future cases that will probably be full of sexy chemistry and chase scenes.

Until the next sexy fight (please, drama, I miss them),

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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