Bad Guy 2 Character Teasers Leave a Lot to Be Desired

When Bad Guys 2 was announced I was ecstatic. I loved the 1st season and was excited to find out what happens to the prisoners turned crime consultants. Then it was announced that the drama would star a different cast. Which, I will admit, dimmed my excitement. I was again saddened when Kim Ha Neul had to step down from the lead role due to his military enlistment. But then they cast Ji Soo. YAY! I love Ji Soo and there is pretty much no drama genre that I won’t at least attempt to watch for him. So here we are four months later viewing the character teasers. Sadly, I am greatly underwhelmed.

I don’t know if any of our readers remember the promos for the original Bad Guys…. maybe this will help refresh your memory.

They were phenomenal. Both giving off a vibe to each character while making you want to know more about them. I can’t even tell you how many times I enjoyed watching the teaser where Jo Dong Hyuk did shirtless pull-ups. It was truly a work of art. Now, let’s take a look at what we have with these new teasers.

Not only do they make me think knock-off concept, they didn’t even bother to use quality lighting. I understand wanting to utilize light and dark to get awesome angles and expressions on a character’s face ….but in this, it is just dark and the quick flashes of a face at the end do not engage me. It was so dark that I couldn’t even grab a good screencap and had to search for the official stills. At least there they decided to make the actors recognizable.

Kind of…..

I just think it would be a crying shame to have such a charismatic actor as Ji Soo and not utilize him.  The guy doing the plank could really be any random jailed khottie and does not make me feel that this drama is a must watch.  What are your thoughts?  Are you going to give Bad Boys 2 a try or wait until we find out if we can actually see any of the action or if this tragic darkness bleeds into the actual drama as well?

2 thoughts on “Bad Guy 2 Character Teasers Leave a Lot to Be Desired

  1. I loved the original Bad Guys. I am not watching season 2 even for Ji Soo, unless everyone I know tells me it’s absolutely fantastic. I’d rather rewatch the first season, which is easy to do now since it’s on Netflix.

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