While You Were Sleeping Episode 17 & 18

Last week I finished watching the four episodes and was left feeling………..just ok.  Sure, there was plot and stuff happened.  But for some reason I just wasn’t emotionally engaged.  I wondered if maybe we were in for a lull.  A pause in plot until we get to the meaty stuff at the end.  Let me just tell you, “That is NOT the case.”  There was so much awesome plot and intrigue stuffed into these two episodes that I am overflowing with thoughts. 

Please don’t die

We left last week with Hong Joo’s sweet dream turning into a nightmare where instead of a romantic date night, Jae Chan is stabbed by a man in a black coat and distinctive black hat.

Now we find ourselves with three possible killers as everyone and their random protester is sporting the sinister look.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s first discuss the awesome reaction Jae Chan has to his impending death.  Instead of trying to change his look or move out of the country, he instead calms Hong Joo’s fears and informs her that they have to look at this logically so they can change fate.  Through deduction, they realized that the dream changed when Jae Chan had released the suspect of the archer murder.  That means that it must have something to do with his prosecution of the case.

Someone slap his smarmy face

Sure enough, Team Psychic turns on the TV and realizes that Yoo Beom had been busy being the sleaziest lawyer to ever practice law.  He informs a room of reporters that the prosecution had released the killer due to incompetence and that the perp had a past rap sheet (he had stolen an autographed poster from a restaurant when he was in high school) and he was a danger to society….ready to kill at any moment.

The reporters run with this story and netizens/protesters swarm the prosecutor’s office.  They’re all carrying anti-Jae Chan posters and ready to rip him apart if they see him pass by.

Mistaken identity

Usually a large group of lemming-like protesters bugs me to no end.  I hate when people don’t bother to actually know the facts but believe literally any tiny bit of gossip that comes their way.  Sorry.  I will try to keep my anger at stupid netizens to a minimum.  But for once, something entertaining came from a mob of uninformed twits.  And before you yell at me for calling them twits…they mistook Ji Gwang for Jae Chan…three times.  It was hilarious.

Jae Chan is trying to avoid the protesters by jumping the fence, only to be caught by his co-worker Ji Gwang.  In an effort to disguise Jae Chan and sneak him past the horde, Ji Gwang lends him his glasses (SQUEEE!!!!! SEXY LEE JONG SUK IN GLASSES!) and his work badge.  The two men scamper past the gaggle of judgmental jerks and while Jae Chan goes past unnoticed, Ji Gwang is caught and the crowd yells that this is Jae Chan.  Hahaha.

The next day Jae Chan goes incognito in a college student look (OH MY WORD HE IS SO SEXY!)  Ji Gwang also attempts an incognito arrival sporting a ton of outerwear complete with an ahjumma visor.  But unlike Jae Chan, who walks right past the protesters, Ji Gwang is once again attacked by the mob.

When evil people control the media

If you thought we were going to have only one dose of evil Yoo Beom, you would be mistaken.  In fact, he is busy spreading his personal brand of ickiness when he takes Investigator Choi to a co-worker’s wedding.  He uses this time together to inform Investigator Choi  that he needed to force Jae Chan to see the light.  Indict the suspect, or suffer dire consequences (i.e. social and work destruction.)

I hate Yoo Beom from the depth of my soul.


Almost simultaneously, Jae Chan and Hong Joo realize that the odd patterns made in the blood are due to a robot vacuum.  The reason they couldn’t find the item is because it had fallen through the open patio.  Am I the only one who rolled their eyes while simultaneously looking up and wondering when a robot vacuum might come plummeting from a towering apartment complex to kill me instantly? I want to die from a heart attack after meeting Seo In Guk when I’m 85 years old, not via a home appliance that is probably one step away from AI and plotting world domination.

The only problem is now having to prove that their theory is true, especially since the broken vacuum had been sent to the local dump.  It’s time for some dumpster diving, much to Investigator Choi’s dismay.  He was wearing new shoes after all.

Thankfully, for Investigator Choi’s shoes, the other two members of Team Psychic have beat them to it.  They, along with Woo Tak’s partner and Hong Joo’s boss, had been busy searching for vacuums all day, finding six possible culprits.  They bag them all up and take them to forensics, crossing their fingers for a match to the victim’s DNA.

I’m in love!

I know that Woo Tak is not the lead in this drama.  However, I LOVE him so very much.  His character is kind of stealing the limelight away from Lee Jong Suk a tiny bit.  Which is a phrase I never thought I would be uttering. My heart broke a little when Woo Tak’s face fell at the OTP’s obvious romantic connection. I am sure that I am not alone in declaring that I can help him overcome his 2nd lead situation.

It’s a match

Confirming that the DNA is indeed a match, Jae Chan must now make a decision to either indict an innocent man and do a trial to show the public his innocence, or just let Hak Young free and take the wrath of the public on himself.  This is a problem because the innocent verdict is not going to be put on any news station, and they don’t want to look like they jumped to conclusions.  But never fear.  Hong Joo and her boss fight for the story and end up breaking the truth to the public.

I also want to give a quick kudos to the scene where Jae Chan is deciding if he was going to take the hard or easy path.  It was beautifully filmed and I got choked up at seeing him choose to do the right thing.

A simple romance

It is refreshing to see an OTP (One True Pairing) that is so in step with each other.  There are no huge makjang tropes to overcome.  They simply love each other and deal with their weird psychic issues with a calm acceptance that I love.  I have to admit that I am not really watching this drama for the romance (the plot is the highlight for me) but I still appreciate how the romance enhances the intricate plot and does not detract away from the main story arc.

Changing fate

So now that the real cause of death is revealed to the world everything should be right and Jae Chan is saved…..right?  Well, while Jae Chan is not stabbed (still not sure if it was creepy protester or Hak Young who stabbed him in the original dream), he still ends up getting shot by the murdered girl’s father.  Who, just so happens, to be sporting a black jacket and a distinctive black hat.  They really decided to run with this new murderous intent styling.  Thanks to Yoo Beom, who lied that Jae Chan is obviously on the take and that his daughter definitely murdered, the dad loads his shotgun and drives looking for revenge.  So instead of being stabbed, Jae Chan is shot, causing Hong Joo to witness her love dying once again in her arms.

My Thoughts:

There was so much going on this episode and I could not have been happier.  I really hope the momentum continues since I think this drama is at its best when I don’t have time to nitpick every little scene.

Til next week’s thrilling events,


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