While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 19 & 20

I was hoping to laugh as much as I did in the last episodes, but we have to have a little seriousness to balance all the levity. And so, we shall talk about what happened this time around in While You Were Sleeping.

Cheesy with a side of angst

Can I be cheesy and say this episode started with a bang? The last episode ended with a bang, so we definitely picked up right where we left off. And this time, though our favorite Flying Dragons did their best to change Jae Chan’s future, it escalated from a knife wound to a gunshot instead. And yet, I would say they did the right thing by making sure that the retraction of Do Hak Young’s accusation got proper airtime. So why did the universe decide that Jae Chan still needed to leak blood?

Yu Beom seems to be the catalyst here. He’s the one who planted doubts in the Archer’s Dad’s head, providing pictures that showed the connection between Hak Young, Woo Tak, and Jae Chan, and throwing out possible scenarios that led to Hak Young’s release, instead of, y’know, THE TRUTH. I actually texted Kmuse at one point and said, “Yu Beom disgusts me.” He’s not just a straight up villain, in my mind, because he was repulsed by Dae Hee’s psychopathic nature. But he willingly, deliberately, distorts the truth on a regular basis, and I can’t see where getting Archer’s Dad to do something heinous to Jae Chan suited Yu Beom’s ends.

ANYWAY. As good writing does, this drama has got me thinking.

Please stop crying…. for all our sanity

Jae Chan is rushed to the ER and Hong Joo sobs outside the surgery door. At this point I was thinking that someone ought to get her out of there before she gets the window/doors all dirty and the janitorial staff had to clean it all up, and then she got them all dirty anyway and I STILL had to endure Suzy’s crying. Suzy has not figured out how to cry realistically and it’s painful to watch and takes me out of the moment. Frustrating, but if that’s the drama’s only flaw, we’re not doing too badly.

We get more intertwining of the past and the future here, as Hong Joo and Jae Chan both remember the one day they spent together in the past, trying to decide whether to save the AWOL soldier’s policeman brother, and the hestitation and consequences of their actions. And then suddenly we’re cutting to Jae Chan hallucinating and stroking the Chief Prosecutor’s face. Heh heh heh. I was simultaneously cringing for him and cracking up. I loved how understanding they all were of his post-operative state, though.

Foreshadowing plot?

Elsewhere in the hospital lies Archer’s Dad, recovering from the shock he experienced after shooting Jae Chan. Out of nowhere appears this adorable, highly intelligent boy who has an incredible grasp of Korean law. Hm. This’ll be fun. OH. And he’s the son of Prosector Son and is advising a guy with a broken arm who shows up later in the episode. I see you, plot thread. Can’t wait to see where you go.

In other news, Jae Chan’s little brother Seong Woo has been breaking up fights at school and enduring the taunts of his schoolmates about his brother letting criminals go. He makes a new friend and ditches the old ones. New Friend seems to have a criminal for a dad. Huh. Interesting new friend to make there, buddy (I spy another plot thread!!).

Showdown between good and evil

Yu Beom has been pulled into the interrogation room! And for once, he’s not smoothly taking over the conversation. Between my favorite Batman and Prosector Shin and Investigator Choi, he suddenly finds himself defending his actions and dodging fabrication charges. Hello, fatal flaw. Here’s hoping we’re seeing the crack in Yu Beom’s foundation that will finally take him down.

Shot but not down

Jae Chan is up and moving around much more quickly than I would figure a gunshot victim would, allowing Hong Joo to hide in his room and overhear Seong Woo tell him that Archer’s Dad is in the same hospital. Jae Chan thinks this is a good thing, because he wants to give the guy an earful. Kinda can’t blame him. I imagine getting shot is not fun.

This causes Hong Joo to ponder on a few things. She was so very angry at the AWOL soldier that she considered not saving his brother when Jae Chan gave her the chance. As she’s pondering whether to tell Jae Chan that she remembers that day and him, she encounters Woo Tak and asks his opinion on lying and keeping something secret for a lifetime. To her surprise, he agrees with the sentiment. Ok, Batman, what secret are you sitting on?

Always check before you hug

There’s an interlude where Jae Chan accidentally gives his legal assistant Yang Mi a back hug, and Hong Joo interrupts with the most glorious bend-and-snap since Legally Blonde. After that show, she pretends not to remember Jae Chan from 13 years ago, making our poor wounded prosecutor both confused and sad.

Pouring down angst

He shakes it off and goes to confront the Archer’s Dad, a book full of his grievances tucked under his arm. He encounters Prosecutor Son’s legal whiz kid and two detectives, all of whom fluster him enough that he can’t just talk his way into the room. Prosecutor Lee learns about Prosecutor Son’s son and his constant need for dialysis — chronic conditions like that are so heartbreaking! Anyway, in the background as the prosecutors are talking are Legal Whiz Son and Elevator Guy. Prosecutor Son confesses that on rainy days, she knows that the likelihood of a fatal car accident happening goes up, and while it would be sad for the person involved, there’s also the faint hope that maybe someone would have a kidney for her son.

Jae Chan and Hong Joo have a similar conversation about conflicting feelings in a different part of the hospital. Hong Joo finally confesses that she remembers that day, but that she nearly didn’t do the right thing — she hesitated because she was full of anger, anger that was filling the hole that her father’s absence created in her life.

Rethinking anger

Later, Prosecutor Shin arrives and Jae Chan goes to confront Archer’s Dad. Jae Chan starts off correcting the dad’s train of thought, then pauses as he remembers Hong Joo’s words. Jae Chan softens and explains that he understands how angry Archer’s Dad was, and basically extends mercy where it was not expected. He told the archer’s parents how very kind their daughter was to everyone who remembered her. It softens them and Archer’s Mom takes Jae Chan’s notes to read for herself, since she realizes that everything she knows came through Yu Beom and that perhaps that’s not the only side to the story.

Kisses x 2

Ahhhh, and then our final scene. Hong Joo has a dream and goes back to the hospital, finding Jae Chan and preventing him from making his injuries worse in his search for her. We get an interesting sequence seeing both the dream and the current timeline, in which Jae Chan reveals to Hong Joo that he had the same hesitation that she did, because he was just as angry as she was. But, he pointed out, in the end they made the choice to save — she saved him and he saved the policeman. They did the right thing. And then there was some excellent kissing. Suzy may not cry well, but she and LJS definitely have the kissing figured out. (*squinty side eye to certain actors who believe standing there like a brick wall counts as kissing*) And the song, It’s You by Henry, was an excellent touch.

I may have mentioned it before, but I will keep doing it. Hats off to Park Hye Run for some excellent, excellent writing and Oh Choong Hwan for the great directing that’s gone with it. I am absolutely in love with this series. 

See you next week, drama fans! Let’s find out where those plot threads lead.

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  1. Ditto!! Loved the kiss scene!
    But please, for the love of all things, don’t keep giving Suzy crying scenes… so far that’s only weakness of this drama, that I can see.

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