Spooky Drama Review: Save Me

We saved one of the scariest dramas for last as we share the best spooky dramas in celebration of Halloween.  If you like tough heroines, ethically devoid cults, and khotties with hero complexes, then this is the drama for you.  Come join Drama Geek and Kmuse as they chat all things Save Me.


Surrounded by suspicious people, a girl quietly whispers, “Save me!” while in a dark neighborhood alleyway.  A couple of unemployed youths hear her and run to her rescue. They discover that she’s trapped in some kind of pseudo-religious cult and try to help her, but what ensues is a sequence of horrifying tension-filled events that make us wonder more about the science of the human psyche.



Kmuse: I will be real with you.  This drama is very dark and I think it might be too much for some viewers.  The cult is all the creepier since it isn’t some mystical fantasy creature like a ghost or a zombie.  Cults are real and end lives.  In this case, literally.  I also enjoyed that there was not some quick fix that saved our leading lady.  The cult and its leader had true power over the community and its parishioners.  There was never any guarantee that our leads were going to get out of the situation unscathed.

Drama Geek: I honestly had to take a little dose of this show at a time. The good guys had me cheering for them, but as they fell deeper into the cult’s clutches the more I feared none of them would make it out alive. As I watched the show sometimes it made me look deeper at my own beliefs because the partitioners  were all normal people who just wanted a better life for themselves or their departed loved ones. And they put their faith in what they trusted to be God’s servant.


Kmuse: Usually I say that my favorite part of a drama is the plot development.  Occasionally it will be because of a specific actor or actress or their combined chemistry.  With Save Me, my favorite aspect is 100% the directing.  It is AMAZING.  The PD took actors that don’t always have the best acting range (Woo Do Hwan being the exception.) and created a thrilling visual experience.

Drama Geek: This director deserves a huge part of the praise for how intensely creepy this drama was. They were a master at pitting two scenes against each other and ramping up both into a fever pitch that had you gasping for a breath. Every shot was used to tell part of further the story. Not one was random or waisted.

Character Development:

Kmuse: I am not sure how much the guys actually grew as characters.  I know they went through hard times and developed a bit, but in the end, their basic personalities were very similar to where they started.  The big character growth, in my opinion, was within our heroine Sang Mi.  The trauma she had to go through by witnessing her twin’s death and both her parents’ mental descent was crazy.  I absolutely loved how they showed the inner strength of the character.

Drama Geek: Sang Mi is hands down one of my favorite heroines. She was the biggest badass of the year without actually fighting. She went through living hell and stayed strong and determined throughout the entire ordeal. Her parents mentally deserted her so she had to save herself. I truly believe that even if the boys wouldn’t have shown up to help her she would have found a way all by herself.

Bad Guy:

Kmuse: Creepy, creepy, and more creepy.   This guy has cult leader perv down to a T.

Drama Geek: I agree with Kmuse, this guy was the epidamy of creepy. The thing that was so powerful about the bad guys is that his minions were just as creepy (sometimes worse) than he was. And with the woman he had by his side, you could tell how he’d manipulated and controlled her into believing she was preaching the truth. The three sent shivers down my spin any time they were on screen.

Overall Suspense:

Kmuse: Out of all the dramas we have recommended I would say this one is the best fit for those of you who really want to be creeped out for 16 hours.  Very successful suspense.

Drama Geek: Very suspenseful. And you get the added bonus of seeing Woo Do Hwan in his breakout role. One of my favorite scenes is when his grandma visits him in prison. Guys, if that doesn’t rip your heart out then you don’t have one.

Thanks for joining us and be sure to let us know your favorite spooky dramas in the comments.

Til our next suspenseful encounter,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

2 thoughts on “Spooky Drama Review: Save Me

  1. I just finished this one… Oh my gosh I loved it. It was so so good… Just the right level of creepy, but not just in how it was trying to scare you, also in how if made you think. I agree that it made me stop and look at my own life, the believers were all at one time normal people who got lost in something terrible. Also, I agree that there wasn’t a lot of character development, but that was sort of the point… The leads where all being lied to and manipulated, they found and showed their strength in NOT changing, but staying true to who they knew they really were… That was true for Sang Mi and even Dong Chul in prison.
    Also, I really loved the ending. It was really satisfying Thanks guys!

    • I hadn’t thought about the fact that they didn’t change was part of showing their strength. You are so right! Especially Dong Chul. I remember being worried when he got out of prison he would be hardened, but then he went and ate noodles by himself and cried, and I was so relieved. Thank you for that insight.

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