Memory Lost Episode: 7-9 Recap

Moving to a new city brings lots more flirting and has this fan wanting them on a weekend undercover lover stakeout stat! Drama Geek: We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast for a word from the Lang Police Department. Episode 7 is mostly an advertisement for the Chinese police. Jin Xi and Xiao Zhuan (I’ve been using the wrong character name for Jin Xi’s sidekick, sorry) are invited to a special training session that lands them spots as members of The Black Shield Team. Everyone looks snazzy in their uniforms and we get to meet Chatterbox and Poker Face,  two new guys that are picked for the team as well.

Kmuse: I couldn’t stop laughing when I realized how much this was a promo for entering the Chinese Police Force.  It totally made me want to be all that I could be… or whatever the Chinese equivalent slogan is.

Case of the week: Emo Sharp Shooter

Our killer goes to the top of high buildings to then shoots each of his victims with a red paintball. He smoothly escapes because he puts his rifle in a guitar case and casually strolls away, blending into the crowd. Unfortunately for them, the paintball was just a test (or maybe he was taunting them) because then he starts picking them off one by one for real. Our newly formed team gets put on the case and I have to say I was a bit annoyed with Han Chen this week. The reason Jin Xi makes the team has a lot to do with her criminal profiling, but when she tries to contribute to the team efforts he scoffs at her and has the two new members doing the same. I get that he’s mostly egging her on when he does this, but the feminist in me wants to slap the back of his head. Why have someone on your team if you don’t believe in their abilities?

Kmuse: Before we start our Top 5 I need to take a second to vent over one tiny detail.  How the flipping fudge did that stupid white couch make its way into Jin Xi’s new apartment?

I hate that uncomfy white couch from the bottom of my soul and it is so annoying that there it is, sitting there, pretending to be comfortable in her new overly white living quarters.  If I had my way, someone would die on that couch and the blood stains would render it unsalvageable and it would be given a proper goodbye…. by being burned until it is only a pile of ashes.  I bet sleeping on the ashes would be more comfortable anyway. (DB: Um… I think a white couch might’ve offended Kmuse in the past. Haha.)

Top 5 Moments

Why fake train your team when you could possibly blow them up instead.

Kmuse: Don’t get me wrong.  I was thoroughly entertained by the “training” camp that Jin Xi and Xiao Zhuan participated in.  I even enjoyed all the out of the box trials they had to overcome to prove they were the best of the best.  But to actually have a live bomb as a training exercise is a bit over the top.  Maybe I am just misunderstanding that it was real and that they didn’t really trust a button to work in that second before the team exploded into tiny C-hottie bits.  What if there was a glitch?  That would have been a true waste of a top of the line profiling team.

Drama Geek: I was thinking the same thing. So many things could go wrong with a live bomb! But with this police force, I’m pretty sure they weren’t kidding when they said it was real. Good thing our four C-hotties are smart cookies.

Jin Xi goes to dinner with her men

Drama Geek: Before Jin Xi leaves she goes out to dinner with Si Bai and she’s her usual self. When he tells her that he likes someone, she’s ecstatic,  once again showing that she has no romantic feelings for him. I’m worried he’s going to get pushed over the edge and show his true colors soon. Yes, I still think he has the heart of a creepy stalker (killer?).

In turn, when she gets to the city Han Chen lives in, she teases him that he promised her dinner and he delivers. She still chows down like she does with Si Bai, but she’s noticeably different when out with him. The restaurant is celebrating an anniversary so every couple gets their meal free and a bouquet of, you guessed it, suckers! No better arrangement for our girl. Han Chen rejects the idea that they’re a couple right away, but she heartily accepts it (hey, the girl has a sugar addiction) and lies to the waitress about being a couple. Or is it lying when you’re a couple, but you just haven’t admitted it to yourselves or each other?

I liked these two scenes because it’s in the small moments within each scene that really speak to how much Jin Xi has fallen for Han Chen.

Kmuse: There is no way Jin Xi can’t realize what Si Bai was trying to tell her.  She is known for her keen observation skills and ability to read people’s actions.  I actually feel bad for the guy for being so obvious and Jin Xi being so dense (whether it is real or fake.)

As for Han Chen and Jin Xi….. I will discuss more in the next segment.

The Sucker Bouquet needs appreciated twice

Kmuse: That bouquet of suckers is AWESOME! It was so beautiful I instantly wanted one for myself. But as for the dinner scene…. or more aptly, the after-dinner scene between our OTP (one true pairing)… I found it a little odd. First, Han Chen freaks over the thought of them being a couple which is valid if he doesn’t feel anything. Although, everyone and their dog can see that he does have feelings. I can’t believe that someone so in-tune with himself can’t realize that right off the bat. Second, I found her screaming obscenities towards Han Chen awkward. Sure Jin Xi might be a bit embarrassed, but she seems the type to roll with the punches. Also, as soon as she had screamed and he heard her, everything was hunky dory again. Their communication skills are sometimes hard to read since this couple seems to skip over steps and then backtrack quicker than I can squeal over their cuteness.

Drama Geek: I think both of them are extremely conflicted about their feelings because of the mystery people in their past so they tend to act erratically. Though I do agree that their behavior was a bit off in the after dinner scene. Sometimes they have her yell just so she seems tough and I think this scene was a byproduct of that.

Fear of heights?

Drama Geek: While investigating the place where the killer shot his weapon, Han Chen tries to “help” Jin Xi with her fear of heights. He pulls her to follow him as he reenacts the killers escape path by jumping down the stairs taking a whole section at a time. Seeing his acrobatics triggers a memory and Jin Xi pictures the guy that’s been showing up in her dreams doing the same thing. She freaks out and collapses at the top of the stairs and starts crying. Han Chen thinks it’s because of being scared of the height, but we know she’s started what I hope will be a fast journey to realizing he’s her boyfriend from the past.

Kmuse: I like that we keep getting glimpses of Jin Xi’s foggy memories. I wish we got similar insight into Han Chen’s. At this point, we just know that he has a feeling he was seriously dating someone. How the heck did their memories get so muddled? I can’t wait to find out.

Jealous Han Chen leads to car snuggles

Drama Geek: During a stake out, Xiao Zhuan asks why Jin Xi cried before and she whispers something in his ear. Whatever she tells him, it’s a lie because he gets all sappy and pulls her in for a hug while she has an evil smile on her face. Han Chen happens to arrive to see the embrace. He’s TOTALLY jealous which leads to them visiting a food vendor, him not eating, and her scarfing food down. The usual. Then on the way back they have a cliché move, jump from rat running by into the handsome mans arms. Um, he totally jumped too!! You could cut the sexual tension with a toothpick between these two. When they get back to the car, Jin Xi falls asleep in the back seat pretty fast. Han Chen puts his jacket on her since she doesn’t have one, and she grabs his hand and because she’s so darn strong he HAS to sit in the back seat with her until she lets him go. Yeah…. the best part is Xiao Zhuan gets in trouble when he tries to spy on them.

Kmuse: Han Chen jealous might be my new favorite thing. He was 100% steaming at the ears, green with jealousy, and couldn’t stand the thought of Xiao Zhuan getting more than coworker close to Jin Xi. I also really liked the Han Chen and sleeping Jin Xi scene. Although, I couldn’t help but wonder where her poor legs were during this time. That looks like it was very uncomfortable, to begin with before adding in a fully grown hottie into the backseat as well.

Our Thoughts:

Drama Geek: Overall I’m okay with the pacing on this show. It feels procedural like any cop show tends to be, but the tension between our leads keeps me interested. We’re nearing the end of the original first season so I’m hoping the next few episodes amp up the main storyline and by episode 12 we’re well on our way to them figuring out they’re connected and they still have a common enemy to take down.

Kmuse: I am also OK with the pacing.  This three episodes left me wanting more and I literally had to stop myself from watching ahead of where we are recapping.  I am looking forward to our next grouping of episodes.

Til our next memorable recap,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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  1. Do you ever think that they don’t use a professional consultant on these shows? I mean, I know this is based on a novel but don’t you think they would get one of those former special police officers to vet all this? As in, “yes to the training camp, no to the bombs, no to the dating on the team, yet to the candy bouquet.” Some of the plot holes are right up there with the open plot windows of “Love me if you dare.”

    • After watching years of Kdrama cops shows, I’ve lost faith in any of the crime writers using consultants. LOL. At least with the Cdramas they appear competent.

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