Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life) Teaser

If you blink while watching the teaser  you might miss the amazing line up this drama has to offer. Seriously, I have not seen so many casting announcements for one series. This is a very male centered cast and this teaser flashes through all of them. Their prison personas are so well done that you almost don’t recognize half the cast. I’m also impressed that tvN managed to make a teaser about a prison drama feel upbeat and playful.

We get little insight about the drama from the synopsis: drama series depicts the story of prisoners and staff at a prison. The director is the same one from the Reply series,  and from what I’ve heard, the writer worked on the Reply series as well, just not as the main writer. With that in mind, I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing gritty prison life, and this teaser points in that direction.

It seems our main cast members will be on both sides of the prison bars. So by the end will there be a prison break and they’ll all live happily together in Busan? Can’t wait to see how this drama plays out.

Prison Playbook airs on tvN on Wednesday & Thursdays, staring November 22. Happy early Thanksgiving to us!

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