New Character Teasers for Prison Playbook

Ooh! The new character teasers for Prison Playbook have me intrigued! The last set of character teasers flashed by at light speed, so I am happy to see we get a little more time with each member of our main cast. Just observing their body language gives us some hints about the personalities of this motley crew.

It’s always fun to see familiar faces too! I have been a fan of Jung Kyung-ho since Cruel City/Heartless City, so I am very excited to see him on my screen again. I have also enjoyed Jung Hae-in as Woo Tak in While You Were Sleeping, so it is nice that I won’t have to suffer from Woo Tak withdrawal. In the interest of full fan girl disclosure, I must admit that I have not been very impressed with Krystal as an actress, so I was not excited to see her in this, but I am always willing to keep an open mind!

Prison Playbook airs on TVN on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The fun begins on November 22, 2017. So, will you be watching?

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