While You Were Sleeping Episodes 25 & 26

We have a ton of plot twists this week.  Some were amazing, while some were less than surprising.  Come join me as I discuss the ins and outs of twist reveals as well as share several moments that stood out.

Chief Choi is tempted

We open the episode to our favorite sidekick Chief Choi who is lamenting his lack of funds.  Not only that, but Yoo Beom comes lurking out of the woodwork and offers Chief Choi a job if he leaves Jae Chan.  A job that will provide a ton of monetary security as well as additional perks.

Hearing about Chief Choi’s possible job change, Jae Chan acts mature about the situation; insisting that Chief Choi has to make his own decisions regarding where he will work.  Jae Chan then asks to take a series of selfies which becomes one of my favorite scenes of the whole drama.  These two are adorable.

Despite trying to act mature and accepting, Jae Chan later begs, via accidental text, for Chief Choi not to leave him.  Phtttt.  Quickly rejoicing when he gets a return text that his co-worker has no interest in switching jobs.

Not a shocker

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed in Woo Tak’s big secret.  Not that I wanted him to have some evil backstory, but being colorblind is a bit “meh” when it comes to plot twists.  I did love that his partner knew about his disability and says that if the higher ups didn’t catch it to begin with, then it is too late now and there is no problem.  It was a sweet bromance moment.

We find out this big secret as a grifter exchanges a stolen phone for a large amount of money, only to be caught by the police.  They chase the suspect (the one buying the phone) right past Woo Tak and his partner who join the chase.  At least they do once the partner helps figure out who the perp is since Woo Tak can’t see which one is wearing a gray shirt.  Just as they catch the suspicious guy, he chucks the phone into the river, destroying the device.

Done with the jealousy trope

I wish we had more romance and less cheesy jealousy moments between Jae Chan over Woo Tak.  Especially since Woo Tak read the writing on the wall and graciously backed out of the running.

While I did smile at his intensity over which apple Hong Joo chose, it is a trope that has run its course.  At least in my opinion.

The embarrassment of the prosecution office.

Hong Joo is chosen to follow around a prosecutors for 3 days in a expose for her news station.  You would think that Jae Chan would be the #1 pick for something like this,  if for no other reason than because he is dating the reporter.  But nope, his co-workers quickly remind him how sloppy and behind he is in all his cases. Not to mention Jae Chan is often caught doing really embarrassing things.  After hearing his co-workers’ explanation on why the focus couldn’t be him, he sadly thanks them for their consideration.

Instead, Hong Joo is assigned to follow around Hee Min, which hilariously turns into a law-themed hair commercial as her locks are flipped to and fro in an effort to look glamorous for the cameras.

Slow and steady wins the race

Despite his boss’s best intentions, Jae Chan eventually ends up the focus of Hong Joo’s camera just in time to interrogate the grifter that had tried to sell the stolen phone which had been thrown into the river.  The grifter gives Jae Chan a sob story about a invalid daughter waiting for him at home and please would he let him go this time.  You can tell that Jae Chan was feeling sympathetic for the man until his boss barges in and declares that ten years earlier this same man had used the same excuse to get out of jail when he was the prosecutor in charge.  The Boss had firmly ignored his excuses and prosecuted him as was expected.  It really is because of Jae Chan’s soft heart that he is so slow and gets behind on his work.

Concerned that the grifter might indeed have a daughter at home, he goes to the man’s apartment and learns that he lives alone and had indeed been lying.  At that moment Hong Joo also is looking into the story.  To ease Jae Chan’s mind, she shares that she had discovered that the grifter had indeed had a daughter that died when he had been arrested.  Only this had happened ten years earlier.  While this time it might have been a lie, it had once been true.  Hong Joo comforts her boyfriend with the knowledge that while it was a lie now, if it had been true, Jae Chan’s actions would have resulted in the saving of the little girl.

When he confronts the grifter, Jae Chan shares that he did indeed check out the story of the daughter and that he was deeply sorry for his loss due to the prosecution ten years earlier.  Softened, due to Jae Chan’s sincerity, the grifter hands him a USB drive that contains the phone’s info.  The grifter had figured that whatever it was that was so important on the phone might be worth something later on.

A serial killer is loose

The pictures of 19 patients are on the USB drive, and 11 of them were identified (by Chief Choi) as victims from the serial killer case that he and Yoo Beom had successfully prosecuted 2 years earlier.  Which means that there is 8 unaccounted for people who are possible victims.  In short, if there were more victims after they “captured” the doctor as the killer, then they had arrested the wrong guy.  Sadly, he was the guy who had recently committed suicide, leaving behind a note declaring his innocence.

Dream a little dream X 4

You might have forgotten Woo Tak’s hypothesis that all of Team Psychic are having these dreams since they saved each other’s lives (except for Hong Joo who has them for unknown reasons).  But that theory is back and front and center of today’s episodes.  The three friends discuss the events that created their connection and wonder if the young cop also has visions.  Remember, they had saved him from committing suicide way back when.

The writer tried to throw in various red herrings, such as the grifter being the cop and having drifted into a life of crime due to his brother’s situation. But nope, the grifter character is kicked to the curb halfway through. Which means we are still missing our 4th psychic. A psychic who sees a vision of Hong Joo and Jae Chan burning to death in a shack.

Our dynamic OTP (One True Pairing) are arriving at that shack looking for the kid who had thrown the cellphone in the river.  But the killer had gotten to the kid first and killed him.  Before they can leave, they hear the locking of the door and gasoline begins to spread on the floor.  The shack bursts into flames and our OTP would be toast…. if not for our cop psychic who rushes to save them from a fiery grave.  He breaks the lock on the shack’s door and rushes in to save his two saviors.  Enter Chief Choi (GASP!!!!!!!!)  I know! I was totally surprised as well, but in a really really wonderful plot twist kind of way.  Chief Choi drags them out of the burning building and grabs them both into an emotional hug, asking if they recognize him.  Awww.  I am so happy with this plot twist and can’t wait to see where it takes them.

Til next week’s psychic adventure,

this is Kmuse signing off.

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