Memory Lost Episodes 10-12

The killer known as T has an intricate plan in place, and it’s one that involves our OTP (one true pairing) actively participating.  Will they be able to discover the identity of the killer before he kills one of them?  Come join Kmuse & Drama Geek as they share their Top 5 moments.

Case of the week: Emo Sharpshooter Part 2

We continue the story of our mysterious Emo Sharpshooter this week.  We have discovered that he goes by the name T, and he chooses his victims from perusing the Internet. His justification is that he is punishing people who kill innocent victims. For example, one of the victims killed his mother, another allowed his girlfriend to be raped for drug money, and the third killed someone while driving intoxicated. The victims’ families all complained in social forums about the injustice of their situation. The same social forums that our Emo Shooter combs to pick out his victims. You have to love a good vigilante storyline even if his emo mask is really lame.

Our special ops team discovers 13 possible scums of the earth that our sharpshooter might choose as his next assassination. The police secretly guard all 13 possibilities and choose 2 as the most likely to be next on the list. But the Emo Shooter is one step ahead. He leads the cops on a race through the city streets eventually evading them. Leaving behind a mysterious note …………..written in Elvish? Uhm, OK. That is random. Luckily, Jin Xi’s cute sidekick is a Tolkien fan and understands the note.

The note tells Han Chan and Jin Xi to join a paintball tournament. If they do what Emo Shooter says he will be done with his plans and turn himself in. Deciding that they have no choice, Han Chan gear up and walk into a deserted mountain to compete with eight other live action paintball tournament pros.

Competing in two teams of five, things get deadly quickly as they all end up on the wrong side of a ravine ( the suspension bridge has been destroyed) and one of the gamers is shot and killed. Now they all have to survive until the cops can come in and back up our OTP.

Top 5 Moments

Cant get enough OTP chemistry

Kmuse: I feel that Han Chan is finally starting to move on from his fantasy fiancée. I loved the scene where Jin Xi accidentally used Han Chan’s cup and then he sips from the same spot. Ha, even better is that she accuses him of wanting to just taste her spit and he doesn’t stop. I know this is such a stupid thing to think is adorable, but I can’t help myself. These two make spit even seem romantic. That’s chemistry.

Drama Geek: I agree, spit is sexy with these two. They have this unspoken closeness. They try to act like they don’t take care of each other and want to be in the same space all the time, but they can’t help themselves.

Truth or Dare

Kmuse: Earlier in the day Jin Xi found herself pulled into Han Chan’s embrace after he has a dream about his fantasy love. Confusing Jin Xi with the woman in his dreams Han Chan mutters that he knew she was real and there is some major snuggling.

After the team takes some needed downtime, they decide to play Truth or Dare. It lands on Jin Xi first and Han Chan demands to know what her nightmares are about. Jin Xi quickly turns it back on Han Chan and says he can find out after sharing what he was dreaming during their snugglefest. Stalemate.

Drama Geek: Chatterbox is a bit obnoxious but he gets the job done. Everyone has been so wound up that they really do need some time to relax. I was hoping Poker Face might let lose a little more, but he was still cute. And… do adults really play Truth or Dare? I mean, it was fun watching them try to get important information out of each other but it does seem a little childish for a group of elite police officers. But maybe I’m just not going to the right kind of parties.

More snuggles

Drama Geek: After they arrive at base camp, they have to sleep next to each other because they lied and said they were a couple. (This was NOT what I pictured when I said they needed an sexy undercover weekend.) When Jin Xi wakes up Han Chen has thrown his arm over her in his sleep. If I were Jin Xi I might have cuddled into him a little more and blamed it on being asleep. Again, it’s the little things with these two, but they just have a natural way of drawing close to one another without discussing their feelings out right.

Kmuse: I agree.  There needed to be additional sleepy cuddling.  They are obviously to close to pull away as soon as they awake.

Piggyback in Fatigues

Drama Geek: Not a phrase I thought I’d use. I died laughing when Jin Xi couldn’t cross the suspension bridge because of her fear of heights. They don’t have a choice about crossing since the killer just shot at them to make them go over to the other side, so Han Chen hikes her up on his back and runs across.

Kmuse:  There is no Asian drama situation dire enough that a piggyback ride can’t be added in.

Memories are returning

Kmuse: The more time our OTP spends together the stronger their dreams of their unidentified dream lover start to become clear.  I guess it helps that both have distinctive mannerisms and body types so our leads can start to put together the pieces.

Drama Geek: KISS! If you do, then it’ll unlock all your memories.

Our Thoughts:

Drama Geek: Emo Killer aka T has already been shown to us with both a studded face mask and the camera hiding his eyes. Put those two pieces together and you should be able to figure out who the killer among them is. Knowing who he is doesn’t change the suspense during the CS Tournament, it adds to it. We still don’t know why he picked everyone or when he might pop up and kill another person. I think them being out in the wilderness having to depend on each other is going to push our OTP closer to the realization we want them to have. And if they have to snuggle with each other a few more times, then I’m game.

Kmuse: I agree that this situation is going to force them to let down their walls and get closer.  If nothing else it gives them the excuse they need to snuggle for authenticity.   I say bring on the skinship!

Til our next memorable recap,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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