The Fangirl’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite Drama OTB (One True Bromance) of 2017

Those of you who watch a lot of dramas know that the chemistry between the male leads is almost as important as the romantic chemistry.  Which brings us to our next End of Year Countdown…. Favorite OTB (One True Bromance).  Come join as as we chat who were the best  male X male couples of 2017.


Tunnel: When I started Tunnel I fully expected our two cops to have some great antagonism. Happily, that did indeed occur but then the friction developed into a deep bromance. These two’s relationship made me happy from beginning to end.

Crisis: Tamura Saburo & Inami Akira just had that “it factor” that elevated them from normal colleagues to an epic bromance.  I loved watching them take down the bad guys and try their hardest to do what is right despite the obstacles.

Taxi Driver: OK, I know this is actually a movie.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t promote the amazing bromance that developed on-screen.  You know it is a good bromance when they don’t even have to speak the same language to create a deep and lasting connection.


Goblin-  We gave Goblin some awards last year (it started in the beginning of December and went to the end of January so it counts for both years) but for some reason didn’t give them the Bromance Award. Probably because we hadn’t seen enough of the show yet. We are totally fixing that this year! Reaper and Goblin are probably the Bromance of All Bromances ever. For any year. They are leery of each other and bicker, they try to top each other with childish pranks, but when it comes to protecting Eun-tak they give no quarter. This happens a couple of times in the drama and we get what is called the Runway Walk, and we gleefully know that awesome sauce is coming down.

 Chicago Typewriter-  We get a sweet bromance with Se-joo, who is pretty cold and hostile at first, and Jin-o, who is a tender-hearted golden boy who melts audiences with that sweet gaze. As they recover memories of their past lives in the 1930s and realize they were inseparable friends in that life, their relationship in the present life develops.


Suspicious Partner-Once upon a time Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk were best friends, but a girl got in the way.  I loved, loved, loved  how Eun Hyuk wouldn’t let Ji Wook go. He was like moss growing on a tree, determined that their friendship wasn’t over, and with time they would be back to normal.  The bromance between these two was the timeless synchrony of a friendship over the years that doesn’t ever really go away.  Honorable mention to the all the guys in the office and the way they seemed like a family.

Karie the Maknae: 

Goblin: I’m the newbie, obviously, but I have to agree with Telzey. With all the dramas I’ve watched in the last 10 months, I haven’t yet found a bromance that tops Goblin and Reaper. They’re a delightful combination of delayed adolescence, epic powers, and a determination to set things right and protect their girl. We still sing the Goblin’s Underwear song around our house. One of the best parts of the series.

Strong Woman Bo Bong Soon & While You Were Sleeping: If I had some honorable mentions for bromances, it would have to include Hyungsik and Ji Soo from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (that final episode made me cheer) and Jae Chan and Woo Tak from While You Were Sleeping. I would have loved to have more from both of those bromances, instead of watching everything get derailed by their stupid jealousy, but I will take what I can get.

Drama Geek:

All hale the year of the bromances. Actually, it was the year of the groupmances. There were so many great secondary couples and side characters friendships that it’s hard to narrow it down. I’ll have to  just pick three, but know I loved so many more.

Circle- The brothers were the heart of this drama and Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Kang Woo, and An Woo Yeon did such a fantastic job in both time lines portraying the deep love that they had for one another. When Woo Jin started out he didn’t believe his brother, but when he went missing, he stopped at nothing to find him.

Tunnel-Time travel can always create funny situations, and the relationship that developed between the partners was both hilarious and touching. Gwang Ho is physically the same age as Sun Jae, but technically much older, and he treats him as such. Sun Jae is NOT happy about it and they even get into a physical altercation. But once these two grumps learned to work together it was gold. Throw in the knowledge about Sun Jae’s past relationship with Gwang Ho and there was a very real connection between them that made it a delight to watch.

Save Me-The best friendships stand the test of time and even sometimes betrayal. Sang Hwan was very gullible and naïve to both who is father really was, and to how the town they lived in worked. He was lucky to have such loyal friends, Dong Cheol being his biggest ally. My heart bleed when Sang Hwan chose his father (and more so his mother) over saving his friend. I’m not sure if I was Dong Cheol, I’d be able to be friends with Sang Hwan again. But true to Dong Cheol’s nature he put the past behind him for the sake of saving Sang Mi. Though I do think that the biggest reason these two friends here able to patch things up was the understanding that there were so many things out of their control that it wasn’t completely Sang Hwan’s fault he made the choice he did. Seeing these two fight and make up made my heart sore.

Kdrama Jen:

I am pretty sure I cheated last year and mentioned Goblin. That bromance is one of my all-time favorite bromances, so I am not sure anything else can compare. So, I will stick with dramas that were firmly in 2017.

Mad Dog– I love the whole group dynamic, but I especially love the bromance between Choi Kang Woon and Kim Min Joon and between Kim Min Joon and hacker cutie Oh Noo Ri. Seriously, though, I love the whole ensemble!

Chicago Typewriter-There is something about a bromance between a writer and his ghost writer that is just so compelling. When the ghost writer is an actual ghost (and a friend from the past) it is even better! I loved this drama and the whole cast, but the bromance between Se Joo and Jin-O was one that endured multiple lifetimes.

Thanks for joining us as we chat about our favorite bromances.  Be sure to check out our previous End of Year Reviews HERE and look forward to a whole new batch in the upcoming week.

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3 thoughts on “The Fangirl’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite Drama OTB (One True Bromance) of 2017

  1. All excellent choices, but I would add Jung Seon and Jung Woo from Temperature of Love. But then, Kim Jae Wook would have amazing chemistry with a fence post!

  2. I like the relationship between the men in “Because its my first life”, in particular Nam Se Hee and his boss Ma Sang Goo. It’s friendly and natural. Perhaps not a bromance but pleasant and amusing none the less.

    Goblin would certainly be my pick. Can’t think of another bromantic cohabitation drama at the moment though I suppose there are some.

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