First Impressions: Two Cops

What is better than Cho Jung Seok playing a determined cop who can kick ass? Making him share his body with a slick talking, flirty con man. After two episodes, Two Cops has proven that even if it’s just to watch Cho Jung Seok be awesome, this fangirl is sticking around.


#1: Cho Jung Seok

It probably wasn’t hard to guess the first one. I could watch Cho Jung Seok peel paint off the wall. He always brings such a raw feeling to his characters. Even when they’re rude and prickly, he still manages to fill his eyes with something deeper. What I love is that when he’s portraying the cop I get a completely different sadness from his eyes than when he’s the swindler. He’s so great at physical comedy and he gets to go all out when he finds himself in the wrong body. (Seeing him in his hospital gown totally gave me Jealousy Incarnate flashbacks!)

#2: Kim Sun Ho

The swindler!!!  I only watched about six or seven episodes of Strongest Deliveryman, but Sun Ho’s character stole the show for me. He’s a newbie actor, but he has so much charisma on screen. And it’s interesting because I LOVE when Cho Jung Seok’s body is inhabited by the swindler’s soul. His smarmy act is a delight to behold, but I find myself wishing Sun Ho gets more screen time because I love his version of the character just as much.

#3: Action!

The handcuff fight scene at the end of episode 1 (2 if you’re using the new system) was probably my favorite action scene of the year. It was creative and really highlighted some great moves from our cop. I was sad when it looked like the swindler might take over the cop’s body and not let Dong Tak reemerge, mainly because the swindler can’t fight to save his life. Thankfully, that’s not the case and I’m sure we’ll get lots of great fight scenes throughout.


#1: The Romance

I try really hard not to bash female actresses. Netizens seem to do that enough as it is. So I will say that I enjoyed Hyeri in Reply 1988. She did well with the immature character and fit perfect with the ensemble cast. I think her character in this is actually suited to her acting talents. She’s not too serious, and Hyeri brings a light-hearted feel to the role. But I just don’t think the romance is what will keep me interested in this drama.

Final Thoughts:

The chemistry between Cho Jung Seok and Kim Sun Ho is off the charts. Having them team up and play the swindler back and forth is going to be a total hoot. My suggestion is to come and enjoy some great action, and a possible epic bromance. If the rest ends up shaking out well, then we’ve all won the drama jackpot.

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  1. Love the bromance also, but Hyeri seems in a much weaker class than all the other actors. Also, the whole threat of reporting sexual assault was bizarre given all the news in the US these past few weeks.

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