The Fangirl’s Favorite Kpop of 2017

We are going to switch things up a bit and look at the other half of the Korean entertainment world…..namely KPOP.  So join The Fangirls as we share our favorite MV’s from 2017.

Kdrama Jen:

I listen to K-Pop during my daily commute, so my favorites may not be favorites because of the MV. I love strong and compelling voices and when it comes to groups I listen for a balanced sound with flow.


There are too many to individually list, but Not Today and Spring Day were awesome. I also loved all of the backstory for the Her album. I became a MAJOR fangirl this year, so I started reading so many fan theories about how the different MVs connect. I am now convinced that I can’t just pick one. This group is an exception. I not only listen to their songs, but watch every MV, stalk their interviews, and follow them on the V-app and other social media. They are definitely my bias-group!

B.A.P.: Wake Me Up — I liked the song when I first heard it, and then I watched the video. I was completely drawn in. I was not a B.A.P. fan before, but this song and MV helped me discover other music of theirs that I like.

Wanna One: Beautiful — I did not watch Produce 101, but I learned about this group from my friends in Korea. Then, I started researching them for myself. I plan to go back and watch Produce 101 as soon as The Unit is over! If you are not familiar with Wanna One, I encourage you to read my October post about them! Since I mentioned it, The Unit is a show that seems similar to Produce 101, but instead of having trainees compete against one another, the members of this group have already debuted. They are on The Unit for a second chance. Their backgrounds are very diverse–dancers, vocalists, actors, and even a trot singer. This show has a special place in my heart because I saw some of the members performing while I was in Korea. I just didn’t know who they were at the time! Comment below if you would like Karie the Maknae and I to write a post about The Unit and which idols we are cheering for! So, back to Wanna One. I love this song. Watch the full version of the MV and the song will have even more meaning.

Seventeen- Boom Boom.

This song just makes me happy. I have no idea what it is about, but it is a catchy tune and I find myself singing it even while at work. Like, seriously, people have said, “Umm…are you saying ‘Boom Boom’ right now?” It’s just fun.

The Rose: Sorry and Like We Used To —If you have followed me at all, I have been waxing poetic about The Rose all year long. I am in LOVE with their sound. They have only two songs out right now and I have them both on repeat. Their musicality and the quality of their vocals packs an emotional punch. I can’t wait to see what happens with them in 2018!


I know that all my co-bloggers plan to cover BTS so I am going to go with a few other MVs.  Just know that my BTS love is alive and strong.

Block B: Shall We Dance Is it only me, or has it felt like a long time since Block B came out with one of their fun loud songs that makes me just want to dance.  They must have felt the same because they released Shall We Dance just last month and I can’t get enough of it.  I love the song, the MV, the live performances.  It is just an all around fun song.

WINNER: Love Me Love Me — This last album has finally made me a WINNER fan.  Their happy vibe just makes me, well, happy.  I love all the songs, but I have to admit that the Love Me Love Me dance practice MV is my favorite of the bunch.  Their is just an air of youth and energy that makes me want to get up and sing.

Taemin: Move — I feel like I should give a shout-out to Taemin’s latest MVs as well.  I was very impressed with Move and the three MV versions which each brought a new focus to the stylish dancing styles of Taemin.  He is a performer that I could easily watch over and over and over… and this way I have three versions of the same song to mix things up.


Karie the Maknae

Oh man, kpop is my newest obsession this year, right after kdramas. OH WAIT. I haven’t made that obvious at all. Anyway. On to my top five favorite MVs!

BTS: Mic Drop remix feat. Steve Aoki — The absolute artistry that went into the creation of this music video blows me away. And it’s not just the dancing and the singing. The effects and the editing are on point — it’s so SEAMLESS. And it fits the rhythm of the song — there are NO missed beats. (There’s a point in SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong where there should be a camera shake to match the bass drop — and it didn’t show up. Throws me every time.) I can’t stop watching it.

BTS: Not Today — Yep, BTS gets another entry in my top favorites list. I love “Not Today” because it tells a story while still showcasing the boys’ skills. There’s a moment when they’re dancing on that reflective circle and they all stomp together in rhythm — I ADORE that moment. And RM hiding his face while talking about his accomplishments during his rap, and the ninjas turned crows…I love it all.

BTS: DNA Last BTS entry. It’s been a great year for them, and it’s all due to their creativity and hard work. I really prefer the dance to the video, but the eye-popping colors and the universal visuals make it work. Though I’m still not convinced that Jungkook was actually whistling in the opening sequence…. lol.

EXO: Power –– This MV falls into a completely different category for me. It’s absolutely ridiculous and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the lyrics, as far as I can tell. But it’s absurd comic book fun and so I enjoy for precisely that reason.

Highlight: Can Be Better –– Also an absurdly fun video that has nothing to do with the song itself. I love that Highlight doesn’t take themselves seriously and I love the pervasive happiness that runs through their current work. They really deserve more attention.

I love taking time to watch these videos with my kids — it’s one of our favorite pastimes. What about you, drama fans? Do you spend an hour or two watching your favorite kpop videos too, or is that just us?

Which were your favorite Kpop songs of 2017?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more great End of Year lists in the next several weeks.

The Fangirls

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4 thoughts on “The Fangirl’s Favorite Kpop of 2017

  1. Except for EXO and BTS, I’ll admit, I’ve never heard of most of these groups! I love discovering new music, and I’ve added them all to my ever-growing playlist! Thanks!

  2. I must say VIXX Shangri-la remained one of the top kpop songs for me this year. Those dreamy leg dances, the gorgeous-out-of-the-world outfits and most importantly; they dances with fan! How gorgeous is that?? I liked other songs too, but Shangri-la remains the most enchanting concept to me; especially since the release of the Shangri-la i am now on the right path to become one of VIXX’s hard stans! May VIXX always be VIXX and they would remain as kpop prince of darkness, keep making an awesome concepts for us their fans!

  3. Definitely B.A.P, The Rose, Winner (though I like ‘Really, Really’ even more) and Highlight of those you guys mentioned. Wanna One’s debut didn’t exactly impress me but the other PD101 group, JBJ did make me sit up an take a note. ;D I’ve also liked all the songs DAY6 released this year in their montly series. My favorite song to date this year though is GOT7’s ‘Your Are’, I just love everything about it. Close 2nd would be JJ Project’s ‘Tomorrow, Today’. Yeah, I am aware of the connection but I actually discovered JJP first. 🙂

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