The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Spellbound

Since we are all going through some serious Lee Min Ki withdrawals we decided to check out one of his classic movies.  Come see what we thought of the spooky romance Spellbound.


Ever since she was young, Yoo Ri has had the unnatural ability to see ghosts, and when they do appear, unexpected things occur to the people around her. Yoo Ri chooses to isolate herself from the outside world but is approached by a street magician named Jo Goo, who offers her a job in his show. One year passes, and Yoo Ri ends up playing a part in the magician’s horror-themed act, in which she plays a ghost in a closet. When eventually Yoo Ri opens up to Jo Goo about her tragic and lonely life, things start to change for the both of them.


  • Son Ye Jin – Kang Yoo Ri
  • Lee Min Ki – Ma Jo Goo
  • Lee Mi Do –  Yoo Jin
  • Park Chul Min – Pil Dong





CLKYTTA: I loved the cinematography in this movie. It had a lot of dark undertones with the occasional bright color tossed in. It really added to the spookiness of it all.

Karie the Maknae: I agree with CLKYTTA. The contrast between the darkness in the beginning of the film, underlining Yoo Ri’s isolation, and the warm glowing light that gradually invaded her life, was absolutely artistic.

The Plot:

CLKYTTA: It’s kind of a mix between The Master’s Sun and the American film The Illusionist. It works for me though. I liked that he was a magician and she was his mysterious behind the scenes assistant.  It’s not all serious though, I love how she is with her friends and how supportive they are.

Karie the Maknae: Her friends were awesome — I loved the scene when they were describing the different kinds of kisses to her. Her budding relationship with Jo Goo was great too. He needs to invest in better shirts though — those tailor-made ones weren’t holding up very well.

 Random Character Observations:

CLKYTTA: Yoo Ri’s got issues, but she’s not boring.  At first, I was afraid that she was going to be this timid character, but she’s just cautious.

Karie the Maknae: Agreed. Yoo Ri had a right to be jumpy, but even though she kept other people away from her because of the vengeful ghost, she didn’t hide. When she broke down and told her friends just how lonely she was, my heart totally went out to her.

CLKYTTA: I love her friends. They were my favorite part of the drama. Every girl needs a crew like this to pull her out of her shell. Even though they know she’s got serious issues and she tries to keep them away, they just show up and support her like real friends do.

Karie the Maknae: I couldn’t have said it better. Yoo Ri had fantastic friends — their relationship made me smile.

CLKYTTA: This scene cracks me up every time.  I love the friendships in this movie.

Karie the Maknae: Jo Goo’s hyung cracked me up. Watch for him in the credits scene — I laughed and laughed and laughed. Jo Goo himself was great — Lee Min Ki played him warmly and I loved seeing him in a role that wasn’t one extreme or another.

Overall Review:

CLKYTTA: I have a thing for supernatural romances so I recommend this movie.  It’s got enough spooky suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, but it’s not a horror flick. The OTP have good chemistry, and the acting is really good. The clincher for me though was that the friends are awesome, I loved all the scenes with her friends.

Karie the Maknae: If you’re looking for something suspenseful and fluffy with flashes of great humor, this will do. I wouldn’t recommend it for younger kids though — there are some mature relationships in here and I wouldn’t want to have to explain some of the statements that were made. Other than that, it was a fine way to pass a couple of hours.

Til our next movie adventure,

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