First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts on I’m Not a Robot

When Kmuse and I heard Yoo Seung Ho would be starring in a new drama, we were both hopeful, but feeling cautious. Will this be another drama that showed glimmers of Yoo Seung Ho’s potential, only to dash our fangirl dreams with poorly constructed plots and more chemistry with the animal co-stars than the leading ladies? Read on to see Kdrama Jen’s first impressions and, as always, unfiltered thoughts!

Please don’t suck . . . hey, look at those muscles!

I am not going to lie. I actually started watching while whispering “please don’t suck,” but I was suddenly distracted when in one of the very first scenes we get some lovely fan service in the form of Yoo Seung Ho’s post-military arm muscles. Wow. He looks FINE dressed in black and then sleeveless. I suddenly forgot to be worried about plot and chemistry and thought, “He has been hiding under cozy sweaters, fluffy cats, and royal robes this past year!”

Chae Soo Bin might be just what he needs!

I wasn’t a fan of Chae Soo Bin’s character in Rebel at first, but she won me over. I didn’t really finish Strongest Deliveryman because I just got distracted, but her acting definitely caught my eye. Seeing her in this dual role where she must play a feisty character masquerading as a robot AND the role of the robot AND the role of the feisty girl, I am extremely impressed with her acting abilities. Already I can see some potential for chemistry with Yoo Seung Ho!

Hey, he’s not a creepy murderer

I am really enjoying Uhm Ki Joon as the inventor/kind of con man. I watched only parts of his other dramas, but I associate him in my head with murder and evil. It is nice to see him play such a different character.

I see what you are doing there, Director . . .

So, for avid international movie and drama watchers, there are fun little surprises woven into this drama. It might be a reference here or there that is subtle, but will be caught by the intended audience. I won’t spoil them, but just be on the lookout.

Hey! It didn’t suck. Wait! I think I like it!

The time passed quickly and I was still wanting more. They have set up a great conflict and the actors are all embracing their roles. It was a fun first episode and it was definitely enough to keep me watching. Overall, I recommend giving it a try. If it goes off the rails, I intend to just watch the “muscular arm scene” on repeat!

Until Next Time,

Hopeful Kdrama Jen

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9 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts on I’m Not a Robot

  1. On the list! Robots yay! Well, sort of. There’s gotta be a real robot in there somewhere eventually. Gonna wait until there’s a few episodes in the can. I’m not a fan of watching airing drama, but there’s a bunch of good ones lately and keep falling into the trap. I like to binge. 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sad that this drama did not do well in the rating game in Korea, I don’t know but i love the drama, compared to Black Knight which is aired on the same time slot, I am not a robot are way better. Or maybe im a bit biased because I am a fan of Yo Seung Ho, but personally I’m loving the drama and I hope international viewers will do so. It reminds me of Scarlet Heart Ryeo with poor ratings but loved by international fans!. Fighting I am not a robot💪🏻

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