Podcast #1 – End of Year Review: Sageuks and Breakout Stars

It’s officially here!  Come join us as we chat this year’s dramas in our very first podcast. 

WARNING: – We discuss various dramas from 2017 so expect there to be a few spoilers here and there.

Be sure to leave us comments and possible topic suggestions and expect a new episode every Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast #1 – End of Year Review: Sageuks and Breakout Stars

  1. Great to hear from you guys directly and 2017 as a whole I believe has been a drama slump kind of year with only CT, SDQ, Circle and Go back Couple making it to my list of memorable dramas.

  2. So, I have binged your podcasts in the past week or so. They are delightful. And I decided to finally watch Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People after hearing you all rave about it here. I’ve seen other people talk about how good it was, but somehow your recommendation is the one that took. I am loving it. Thank you!!

    • Thanks for listening and hanging out with us! We have a blast chatting about dramas and we especially love it when we can convince people to give one a try they might have been waiting on. Thanks for sharing! Also, please feel free to comment and make requests for future topics.

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