New Hwayugi Teaser!

As the maknae, I can say I have no expectations for this drama one way or the other, but GOODNESS my  drama unnis are excited. Come see the new trailer and tell me if you think Hwayugi will live up to their expectations.

From what I can see, there’s a lot going on there — blood, a magical bat, a cane, an umbrella, an overly-large ring, and that enchanted field of flowers all caught my eye. Lots of yelling and fighting with monsters and ghosts and possibly a reanimated corpse. My Drama List says Hwayugi is “About a monk taking a journey with four troublesome companions who must atone for their sins.” I get the sense they miiiiiiiiight be oversimplifying things. Just a little bit. I would definitely give this one a try, just to see what this Korean Odyssey is all about.

What do you say, drama fans? Are you in?

Karie the Maknae

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