Fan Girl’s Companion Guide to Tribes and Empires (Episodes 1-6)

Are you having trouble keeping track of all the characters and political shenanigans in Tribes and Empires? Well, the fan girls have got your back! We are creating this T and E Companion Guide to help you keep track of everyone. It will be kind of bare bones for a bit because we are writing as we watch, but by the end of the 70 plus episodes, we should have a guide that will help anyone watching this later navigate the chaos. So… sit back and let us help you figure out the difference between Grassland Hottie, Muru Warrior, and Faerie Prince, and how the world is going to fall apart because of them and their fate.

Remember, this is a Companion Guide, not a recap, so it is to help you keep things straight, not to replace watching it.  The sweeping landscapes, gorgeous costumes, and gut-wrenching acting are not to be missed!  To help keep us sane, we will divide them into teams.  Really, we are just excited to chat about this drama and don’t have the time to commit to a 75 episode recap.  So if you have any thoughts or personal nicknames for the various characters…. feel free to share in the comments!

Team Grassland Hottie

Main Character: Grassland Hottie (Shuofeng He Ye)

What he wants:

  • To avenge his parents’ deaths and take back what is his!

Information to know:

  • He brings a starving foreigner home who shares Muyan & Muru rumors which would cause an upheaval to the throne.  This person foretells the destruction of Novoland.
  • His father and a war party attack another tribe.  He has mercy on a young girl and she escapes to tell what happened.
  • Muru horsemen arrive and state that the punishment for the attack is for the entire tribe to be put to death.
  • He sees his family killed and then is sold into slavery.
  • He is identified as “The Iron Wielder” and shipped across the sea
  • Princess Jing buys him as a slave fighter
  • He meets Young Muru Warrior and they start their bromance.
  • He commands the screen and is the subject of many of the fan girls’ messages back and forth that say things like, “Look at that feral intensity” and other comments that may or may not have “squeeeee” after them.

Team Muru Warrior

Main Character: Muru Warrior (Han Jiang)

What He Wants:

  • To find his family and be loved.

Information to Know:

  • Young Muru Warrior rescues Boring Girl (Su Yu Ning) from her drunken aimless wandering in the rain at night
  • To protect the reputation of Boring Girl, Young Muru Warrior says he is a thief and sells himself to become a slave fighter
  • While awaiting his fight, he starts a bromance with Grassland Hottie
  • Muru Warrior and Grassland Hottie team up to take down a huge slave fighter, and then Grassland Hottie defeats Muru Warrior
  • Muru Warrior faces General Muru (his hero) and discovers it was foretold upon his birth that he will one day be Emperor and that General Muru is Daddy Muru.
  • Daddy Muru abandoned him as a baby, hoping to avoid that fate which would cause a war
  • Daddy Muru says he wishes for Muru Warrior’s death, so Muru Warrior stabs himself in the heart.
  • Daddy Muru confesses to the Emperor and the Emperor saves Young Warrior Muru’s life.
  • Young Warrior Muru is ordered to study with the 6th Prince (Faerie Prince)

Team Faerie Prince

Main Character: Faerie Prince (Muyun Sheng)

What He Wants:

  • To have a relationship with his father the emperor.

Information to Know:

  • Young Muru Warrior is ordered to study with him
    and bromance begins
  • Faerie Prince learns his mother is Yin Rong and that she is alive
  • Faerie Prince visits his Charmer Mom and sees that she is no longer physically beautiful and is confined to bed.
  • Yin Rong’s maid tells him and Muru Warrior about how the Emperor was faced with either giving up his kingdom or giving up Yin Rong.  He chose to give up Yin Rong.
  • The Emperor’s choice causes Yin Rong’s defensive powers to flare. She turns them back on herself in order to protect the Emperor, causing her current state.
  • Maid was given “Heart Wrencher,” which takes effect if a secret is told.  After telling the story to Faerie Prince, she dies.

Team Palace People

This is where things can get confusing, especially when we add all the princes. So, keep an eye on this section over time.

Main Character: Empress

What She Wants:

  • The love of her husband (or maybe just for him to stop pining for his love of a lifetime)

Main Character: Boring Girl (Su Yu Ning)

What She Wants:

  • I couldn’t keep awake long enough to figure it out.  Did I mention she was boring ……. and not always that bright. (Maknae’s note: She’s a pawn right now — she goes where she’s told to go and does what is expected of her. There was something in that plum blossom poem, though…)
  • She is destined to be the next empress…. at least according to the Ling He Qing, the high priest.

Main Character: Bitchy Cousin of the Empress (Nanku Yue Li)

What She Wants:

  • To be the next empress.
  • To thwart Su Yu Ning’s foretold future.

Main Character: Man Who Predicts Chaos (Ling He Qing)

What He Wants:

  • To correctly foretell the future.
  • He believes that the future is exact and there is no changing whatever the stars predict.

Main Character: Princess Jing

In these episodes she is really more connected with Grassland Hottie, but since she is a princess…

What She Wants:

  • To be a total badass and lead her troops.
  • To own Grassland Hottie

Yin Rong (Charmer Mom and Emperor’s Love)

What She Wants:

  • Her son to be happy.

Lin Xiu Man (Yin Rong’s maid)

What She Wants:

  • To stay with her court friend Yin Rong, the only person who ever listened to her.

Eldest Prince (Muyun Han)

What He Wants:

  • What every first born to a king or emperor ever wants…. to be emperor.

Second Prince  (Muyun Lu)

What He Wants:

  • He also wants the throne, but I think he’d be happy without it.
  • He also falls for Boring Girl, but he’s about as boring as she is, so I think they make a perfect match.

Third Prince (Muyun He Ge)

What he Wants:

  • Um… see Prince Han’s desires.
  •  He as an extra obstacle since he is the only son of the Empress and the Emperor isn’t too fond of her.
  • We hate him because he’s mean to Faerie Prince.


Muru Prophecies:

  • What was lost 300 years ago will be regained by Han Jiang
  • General’s interpretation: Han Jiang will be Emperor
  • Boring Girl will be Empress
  • Sixth Prince will bring destruction if he uses the Emperor Sword

Grassland Prophecies

  • Shuofeng He Ye was born to draw the Iron King Sword from a volcano and lead the people of the North Continent to unify Novoland and therefore he is the Iron Wielder. This is not something the current ruling empire or the Muru family, the military might of the empire, wants. It’s better for the tribes to be separated and weak.

Well that concludes week 1.  Can’t wait til our various leads time jump to their adult versions.

Til next time,

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