The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Everyday I Love You

It is Christmas break which means it is time to binge watch movies and dramas!  Come join Clkytta and Kmuse as they jump back into the Filipino movie pool and watch the romantic comedy Everyday I Love You.  Is this the movie you should be adding to your holiday watch list?


A young woman, whose fiance is in a coma, falls in love with an achievement-oriented young man, leaving her torn between the man of her dreams, and the man who makes her dreams come true.

Everyday I Love You Trailer:

 WARNING:  Movie Spoilers Ahead


The Plot:

Clkytta: OK, so I didn’t read the synopsis and I was surprised when we had the whole boyfriend in a coma trope.  While I it’s not my favorite trope, this storyline worked for me. I liked the slow and steady feel of this movie, we see her with her life basically on hold while she cares for her comatose boyfriend, and then we see her want to start living again.

Kmuse: I did read the synopsis and was not surprised about the boyfriend coma.  But I also was not excited for this trope.  We all know he is going to wake up and cause havoc for our OTP (one true pairing.)  Thankfully our main couple had enough chemistry to keep me distracted from the obvious upcoming angst.


Clkytta: KMUSE and I mentioned how well the camera shots and lighting were as we were watching this movie. I liked how they used the lighting especially in the photo above. She looks like she’s in some kind of a dream.

Kmuse: The director did such a great job of  bringing the viewers into the emotions of the moment.  As Clkytta mentioned, we were constantly chatting about how pretty our leads always looked.  One sour note.  I didn’t like that Ethan had the same lip color as Audria.   It was so bright that I sometimes got distracted from the events on screen.  But since that is my only complaint, it is easily ignored……..more or less.

Random Character Observations:

Clkytta: OK, I was not a fan of Tristan. He was a Neanderthal throwback who made me irritated in every flashback and it got worse when he woke up.  It was all about him and I kept hoping he wouldn’t wake up.

Kmuse: Ugh.  He needed to just disappear already.  A horrible controlling jerk who wanted to create a Stepford Wife who dotes on his every whim.  Let’s just say that I did not mind him getting jilted in the end.

Clkytta: I loved Ethan’s character so much that I think I need an Ethan in my life. While Ethan was pretty high maintenance on the business side, he was really supportive of the people on his team.  Not only did he care about what Audrey wanted, but he worked hard to give credit where it was due.  I really liked how kind he was to everyone. Also, this guy really loves his grandmother and everyone loves a guy who sincerely loves his grandma.

Kmuse: I like that Enrique Gil always plays very likable and confident characters.  Ethan is no different.  He just makes me happy and I could stare at him indefinitely.  There is something about the way he gazes at Auria as if she is the best thing ever to happy in his world that makes me swoon.

Kmuse: I might have declared that Audria was crazy more than once.  Documenting your entire life for 2/3rds of a year for someone in a coma is just not normal.  I did warm up to her as the movie progressed.   Discovering the emotional manipulation and guilt she had in regards to her boyfriend helped explain some of her actions.  And it was impossible to not love her with Ethan so by the end I was a fan.

Clkytta: She was totally crazy but crazy in a relatable way.  She had a massive amount of guilt that made her document everything for coma guy, but it was also therapeutic for her and let her have a tiny piece of her dream.  I loved seeing her character develop and come out of her shell.

Overall Review:

Clkytta:  I really enjoyed this film and I want to watch more with these two.  I’d give this an 8/10 because I love a good fluffy romance. While this was a fluffy and sweet movie, it wasn’t boring. It’s fun for me to branch out and watch movies and dramas from all over the world.  I’ve really enjoyed mine and Kmuse’s adventure into the Filipino drama and movie world.

Kmuse: I also enjoyed the movie.  I wasn’t totally hooked until the halfway point but once they got to the romance and pining I was 100% invested.  I would probably give this movie an 8/10.  Well worth a watch on a holiday break…….and any other time that you just want an easy watch.

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  1. This one was pretty cute. I’m not a fan of the whole “Love team” thing with Filipino rom-coms, but they do make a great pair in movies. Enrique Gil continues to grow as an actor. I recommend the tense movie “Dukot.” To see him out of the rom-com element.

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