Memory Lost Episode 17-19

We finally have some movement on the romance/memory aspect of the storyline.  OK, so maybe they just kind of remember they were in love before.  As in, they both remember one phrase they uttered to each other pre-memory wipe and run with it.  But this totally counts since it leads to a plethora of skinship.  Which is what really matters right?  So come join us as we share our top 5 favorite moments of Ep 17-19.

The Plot So Far…..

There wasn’t a ton of traditional serial killer mystery this week (just towards the very end). Instead, we spent the whole time trying to figure out Han Chen and Jin Xi memory lost secret. Why do they both have memory gaps starting 5 years ago? Why do each other’s mannerisms seem so familiar? Why do they want to start making out when they both are convinced there is someone special they are forgetting? It doesn’t take a genius to put all these clues together and thankfully their past romance is FINALLY out in the open. Let the cuddling and smooching commence.

#5- There is a new serial killer in town

Kmuse: What would Memory Lost be without a serial killer terrorizing the populace? Yup, we have another serial killer killing confident women and leaving them to be found. I have to admit that I kind of drifted off during some of the long explanations as to the killer’s motives. Am I the only one that only heard blah blah blah, a cute smirk from OTP, blah blah blah?

Drama Geek: You are not alone, Kmuse. Han Chen is still giving her pushback about how useful profiling is, but at this leads to a bet between them that will result in whoever looses granting the other one’s wish. I kind of already know what Han Chen wants…. it has to do with that huge bed in his apartment.

#4 – Co-workers are in the know

Kmuse: Han Chen is in no way silent about his relationship with Jin Xi.  You have to know that the second Shi Heng finds out his co-workers are living together than everyone is going to know.  His knowing expression on their first day back to work after the hospital visit just cracked me up.

Drama Geek: It’s funny that only Chatterbox was clueless to their new living arrangements. I love how much Shi Heng enjoys torturing Jin Xi and that he’s never saw her as a love interest so their relationship really is platonic. He’s like that younger sibling that just loves to tease.

#3 – The girl be crazy……..literally

Kmuse: I did not realize that I was going to find Han Chen’s wannabe girlfriend (aka – one of the serial killer partiers) so entertaining. Before I just found her very annoying but her obvious crazy is pretty entertaining. I guess she just needed to take her rich bitch 2nd lead mask off and let the killer within out to play. Also, can we just take a minute and laugh at the fake wedding photo with her and Han Chen’s faces glued in to replace the bride and groom? I’ll say it again. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Drama Geek: I was dying when they showed the wedding photo. I’m very curious how Creepy Doctor found her since she’s Han Chen’s childhood friend.  Did he seek her out because he wanted Han Chen off the table so he could have Jin Xi all to himself? She’s obviously mentally off, but it’ll be interesting to see if she was that way before she joined the masked killers or if that’s what sent her over the edge.

#2  – No maturity here

Kmuse: There is absolutely no secret to Han Chen and Si Bai’s animosity.  Both men know that each other is interested in Jin Xi and there is not going to be any smiling and playing nice, as they show by getting into a fist fight while still in the hospital.  Maybe they were in the parking lot of the hospital, but you know what I mean.

Drama Geek: Favorite non OTP moment of these episodes. Han Chen wakes up in the hospital after being really sick and what is the first thing he does? Well, run to Jin Xi but then the next thing you know he’s brawling in the parking lot with Creepy Doctor. I feel like it’s more than jealousy. Han Chen’s gut is telling him everything he needs to know about Creepy Doctor and he doesn’t want him anywhere near Jin Xi. As for Creepy Doctor, I’m pretty sure if he could discreetly lock Han Chen away in a basement somewhere he would. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t tasked one of his murdering minions to kill him already.

#1 – S-K-I-N-S-H-I-P spells skinship!

Kmuse: We get so much wonderful skinship, cuddling, making out.  All the fun stuff except actual sexy times.  I guess Jin Xi wants to take things a little slow.  Isn’t that what you decide before you move in with the guy?

Drama Geek: Well… I’m not sure she had a choice about the moving in thing. LOL. I can understand how she’d want to take things slow. She doesn’t exactly remember being with him, they just have that little phrase to go on. I’m thoroughly enjoying how much each of them send googly eyes at one another and how freely they like to cuddle and kiss. Keep the steamy kisses coming, and I know sexy times will follow. You can only spoon with Han Chen so many times… right?

Our Thoughts:

Kmuse: Still entertained and looking forward to the next three episodes.  Can’t wait for Si Bai to go full villain.

Drama Geek: I am ready for Creepy Doctor to put on his cosplay and go full serial killer on them. I’m not as interested in this next case of the week, but if they keep snuggling at home between investigating it will keep me coming back.

Til our next memorable recap,

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