Podcast Episode 2: The Year of the Not so Memorable Romances

We are back with Episode 2 of our End of Year podcasts.  Well, really it is episode 1.5 since we didn’t realize how much we could talk about these topics.  So come join us as we discuss our favorite romantic comedies and favorite couples of 2017.  We also discuss how lackluster we felt romances were this year. You have to always add the good in with the bad when discussing a whole years worth of drama after all.


Thanks again for supporting our latest endeavor.  Feel free to send us your thoughts and feelings about the podcast or even if you have suggestions for possible future topics.  We love to hear from our readers/listeners.

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We will be taking the next two weeks off due to the holiday season …… at least when it comes to the podcast.  Be sure to look for all new episodes starting in January and be sure to check out our regular blog posts which will continue as usual.

Til next time,

The Fangirls


2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 2: The Year of the Not so Memorable Romances

  1. Now that I found you on Soundcloud, this is going to be great! I like group discussions on podcasts – I’m also glad to see you blog about the topics discussion – I’m not good at keeping track of show names by myself.

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