Fangirl’s Companion Guide to Tribes & Empires (Episode 7-12)

We are back and ready to delve into all things Tribes and Empires.  OK, maybe not all things, since this is just a helpful overview for those viewers who need a cheat sheet.  But it gives us our weekly need to chat our current drama addiction so I am counting it.  So get ready to see what happens in episodes 7 through 12.

Just out of curiosity, we are wondering if our readers have chosen their team (favorite historical hottie) yet?  If you have, tell us in the comments.  There is nothing that the four of us love more than debating which prince/warrior/and feral prairie king is hotter.

Team Grassland Hottie: New People & Events

  • Shuofeng He Ye (aka Grassland Hottie) discovers that his bestie is the son of the man who is in charge of the cavalry that murdered his family… angst ensues.
  • He runs away from the princess/slavery with another captive, a mysterious white haired dude who is some kind of secret assassin.
  • He gets on a boat (thanks to the white haired dude’s connections) and returns to Han

Head of the Tian Luo Assassins: Long Jinhuan

  • Long Jinhuan  (aka White haired dude….. assassin)

What does he want?

  • Currently we don’t know much about him other than he can kill people with a special ring which has wires shooting out of it.
  • He also recognized that Muyun Sheng was not completely human.

Team Muru Warrior: New People & Events

  • Discovers that his dad is a hypocrite and murders people to keep his son’s prophecy a secret.
  • This includes the secret that killed his grassland bestie’s family
  • Also discovers that he is supposed to dethrone fairy prince if this prophesy is fulfilled.
  • Decides to go it alone and joins the Muru military under an assumed name after having a fight with his father.

General Muru

  • Constantly arguing the prudence of murdering his son with everyone since he is a threat to the Muyun dynasty.
  • Can’t see beyond his pride and makes mistakes because of this.

What He Wants:

  • To serve the Muyun Emperor
  • To be loyal and preserve the Muru honor above all else.

Muru Brother

  • Is sympathetic to his younger brother and often disagrees with his father’s treatment of Muru Warrior Hottie.
  • Still ends up doing what his father says despite his misgivings.

We see s tiny glimpse of our warrior hottie after the time jump.  Sadly, just a glimpse.  But things are looking promising for Team Warrior!

Fairy Prince: Events & People

  • Fairy Prince has discovered the truth about his father attempting to murder his mother.
  • He also loses both of his friends because of the prophecy.
  • Angst ensues.

Muyun Luan

  • Uncle who was denied the throne and was very pissed when his younger brother became emperor instead.
  • He is the one who is plotting to overtake the throne from his brother and offspring.
  • Hires assassins to kill his brother.
  • Hires the underground tribe to make magical weapons.
  • Pays for a lot of the crown’s fees and putting the monarchy in debt after his brother is struck down.

What He Wants:

  • The throne and possible revenge on his brother.

Wife of Muyun Luan

  • Sister of General Muru
  • Mother of Prince De
  • Spies on her husband for the Muru family.

Uncle Nanku

  • Brother to the Empress

What he wants:

  • More power for his family.  Specifically by making his nephew (Muyan He Ge) the new emperor.

The March Moon Assassin: Mr. Mo

What he wants:

  • He offers to help the Empress’ family gain the power they want, but at this point his ultimate goal is still unclear. Whatever it is, it probably involves him becoming more magically powerful.

Major Team Muyan Events:

  • With the help of Nanku and Muyun Luan, Mr. Mo is able to attack the Emperor when he’s with Fairy Prince and the Muru guards are distracted. Which makes General Muru and his men look incompetent and lose the powerful grip they have as the empire’s main military force.
  • Fairy Prince’s prophecy was that if he touched the Emperor’s special sword that he would bring chaos to the world. But when he’s there to witness his father being attacked, he’s left with no choice. He stabs Mr. Mo and magical light explodes around everyone there.

  • Unfortunately for the Emperor, the magic (or maybe the beating Mr. Mo put him through, I’m still not convinced it was all Fairy Prince’s fault) paralyzes him to where he can only utter a few words. The Empress gets evil eyebrows and pretty much gains power on both fronts. Her brother is now sharing the military duties with Great General Muru and the Emperor can’t do anything about the changes she makes.
  • Her first order of business was to get rid of Yin Rong by setting fire to her house while she makes her husband sit outside and watch. Um…. I get that she’s bitter but dang, that’s harsh.


Well, hello fifteen-years-older-in-four-years Fairy Prince. Yes, we only jump four years, but our older cast of characters is all in their thirties. We’ll blame it on harsh living conditions.

  • Fairy Prince is back tucked away in an obscure part of the palace. He’s currently obsessed with a glass bead and he also likes to draw a woman from the back. Eventually we get to meet the faceless girl, and she sucks Fairy Prince into her world.

Women in the Bead (aka Pan Xi)

  • A Charmer who is trapped (maybe) in the bead given to the Fairy Prince from his mother.
  • Can only be seen by Fairy Prince and Prince De

 Prince Muyun De

  • Another handsome prince shows up after the time hop, he’s the second son of the Emperor’s brother Muyun Luan.

What he wants:

  • Do I have to remind you of what every prince wants? I actually don’t think he’s delusional enough to think he’ll be emperor. But maybe being the puppet master behind the emperor is his end game.
  • Manipulate Fairy Prince so he can learn more about the girl in the glass bead. I’m pretty sure he just wants to own the bead and the girl. That way he can unlock her magical powers for himself.

Princess Ji Yun Cong (Previous dynasty/cave dwellers)

  • Looking for mercenaries to fight for her people’s cause.

What She Wants:

  • To overthrow the Muyan dynasty and get revenge for her father’s death.

Lan Yu’er

  • She’s Fairy Prince’s personal assistant and possibly smitten with him.

What she wants:

  • To take care of Fairy Prince.

Adult Nanku Yue Li

  • Of course Bitchy Cousin (Nanku Yue Li) picks the ONE prince that is blood related to her to cozy up with so she can become empress. Prince He Ge has been living it up while his father has been paralyzed. With his mother’s family in power he’s been able to stay close to home while his brothers are the ones that were sent away.

  • Cousin lovin just makes you want to say ew.  I don’t care if it was allowed back then.
  • She still wants to be Empress.  Enough that a little thing like related DNA isn’t going to stop her.

Phew.  I feel that we went through so much in only 6 episodes….. and we have only made it to the adult version of one out of our three hotties.  Come back next week as we catch up with our Warrior Muru and the extremely sexy Grassland King.

Til next time,

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  1. Team Shuofeng He Ye all the way. 😀 He is by far the most dynamic character, things happen when he’s around. He also seems to be the one with a clear goal in life and the only one of the three who fully embraces his prophesed “destiny”.

    You’ll see soon enough what Mr. Mo really wants. Hint – it’s nothing good. ;P Dude has more than a fiew bats in the bellfry, but then this drama isn’t short on crazy people. Nutjobs all around, ha.

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