Fangirl’s Drama Review: Momo Salon

Do you need a fun and fluffy, bite-sized drama to get you through the holidays? I recently discovered the gem that is Momo Salon on Netflix. It’s short, it’s sweet, and at about 9-10 minutes an episode it’s easy to fit into your busy schedule.

A new hairstyle and some lipstick can solve any problem!

I’m a big fan of slice of life dramas, and I think that’s why I liked Momo Salon.  New salon owner, Hye Ni (After School’s Lizzy) finds an unexpected way to get customers when a delivery service asks to leave a package with her for her neighbor.  Her salon becomes a mainstay in the neighborhood and as she improves the hairstyles of her neighbors, she finds fulfillment in her own life.

Her very first customer, Chang Gyun, is the always adorable Park Jung Min.  He has a recurring role throughout the drama and I love the interactions between Chang Gyun and Hye Ni.  With less than ten minutes an episode we don’t get much room for character growth, but I felt like the drama did well with the time they had.

So find some time to sneak away during the holidays and watch Momo Salon.  It’s a great escape from listening as Uncle Bob talks about “the good old days when he scored x points in high school sports” or Aunt Mary asking “Why aren’t you married, having a kid, through with school, etc”.

Since I’m a full-time student, I love web dramas and shorter dramas.  Comment below and tell me your favorites, it can be Korean or any other language.

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