The Unit: Discovering Hidden Gems—BIGFLO

Are you watching The Unit? I have mixed feelings about survival music programs. I love the performances and I love discovering new voices, but I hate the idea of crushing youthful hopes and dreams. I am choosing to overlook the dream crushing part, though, and I am just going to focus on some of the amazing talent that is being showcased! Let me introduce you to: BIGFLO!

There are two members from BIGFLO currently competing on The Unit, so I will start by introducing them. However, once I was drawn in by their talent, I was driven to learn more about their group, so I will also share some thoughts about BIGFLO and what you can expect from their music.


Sometimes the phrase “poetry in motion” is truly apt. This is one of those cases. Euijin leaps off the screen and completely captures the audience with his Jimin-esque doppelgänger vibe and his ability to move his body to the music in mesmerizing ways. I highly recommend checking out his dance performance on The Unit!

Euinjin’s dancing during his team’s performance of  a mashup of “Stay” and “Chained Up” on The Unit was captivating.  Here is the fancam from that performance:


Lex has a beautiful and soaring voice. He is also multilingual with the ability to communicate with fans in Korean, English, Chinese, and French. Although Spanish is not listed as one of his many languages, his cover of “Despacito” is one of the best I have heard.

I was also smitten by the vocal quality showcased in the performance of “UR” by Lex and his team on The Unit.  Here is the fancam from that performance:

After the talented Euijin and Lex caught my attention, I started to look into the other members of BIGFLO. Oh! So much talent!


Sungmin has a velvety voice that was made to read bedtime stories or sing lullabies. He also plays the violin!


Hightop is not only a rapper, but a talented pianist and overall musician.


Ron seems a bit quieter, but he also gives a warm impression. He has very soulful eyes. It was fun to see some of their personality shine through in this skit/video of the group recorded before KCON:

Jungkyun (currently enlisted):

There is one more member listed, but he is currently serving in the military. I am a new fan, so his enlistment pre-dates when I started listening. However, since he is one of the original members of BIGFLO (and the leader of the group) I did not want to leave out a mention of Jungkyun.


I must admit. I was so excited to hear BIGFLO because the individual members are so incredibly gifted, but I was underwhelmed by their group sound. How could such talented individuals not shine through? Never fear, dear readers, I did some homework. It turns out that BIGFLO added three new members recently: Lex, Euijin, and Sungmin. So, any of their older songs will not reflect these changes. I asked Sungmin via chat on the Vlive app what he would most want new listeners of BIGFLO to know about them. His reply was, “Kdrama Jen, there are three new members of BIGFLO: Lex, Euijin, and Sungmin so please listen to Stardom.” First, I would just like to say how AWESOME it is to be able to directly chat with group members. He called me by name! Second, there is definitely a better balance in Stardom. The new configuration is producing a more coherent sound.

I actually like their softer side better, though.

Overall, it feels like they have not yet discovered the concept that will really get them noticed, but I think it is only a matter of time. I would love to see them capitalize on their strong vocalists, Hightop’s musicality, and Euijin’s stellar dance skills. They do not need to prowl and growl on the stage, shouting out lyrics gruffly; they could easily have a solid harmony with a rap line that intertwines, similar to how BTS has moved away from their “No More Dream” sound toward more polished arrangements that showcase their unique charms. There are so many talented individuals in BIGFLO; they just need to find the right song and I am confident we will see an amazing result.  I am looking forward to the right setting for these gems and then I think they will truly dazzle.

So, how about you? Are you ready to join the WAVE? (The fandom for BIGFLO is called WAVE.) Comment below if you are also looking forward to hearing more from BIGFLO! Definitely check them out of Vlive too. They have the best fan service, responding to questions and addressing commenters by name.

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  1. Yes! Thank you, somebody else watches The Unit. I’m enjoying Euijin. I haven’t noticed Lex that much. I found that with a lot of these idol groups, you have immense talent but they’re given mediocre songs so they never get off the ground. When they do the covers of the good songs, then you can see what’s what.

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