Hwayugi Update — Will You Stick With It?

Usually, stories in showbiz about curses just make me laugh. However, with everything that’s been happening to HwayugiI’m starting to wonder.

Weeeeelllll, and it might be because they didn’t put enough resources into the front end. That’s how this story from Soompi makes it sound, anyway.

I watched the first five minutes of Hwayugi the other day for reasons that I cannot recall, but I was impressed with the storytelling and the effects. Lee Seung Gi hadn’t even made it to my screen yet! (According to the other Drama Girls, he is a Big Deal.)

I’ve been holding off on Hwayugi until it finds its feet. It sucks that it’s being plagued with production problems, because the story sounds awesome and I want to see what Kmuse, Kdrama Jen, and Drama Geek are raving about. What about you all–will you wait patiently for the return of Hwayugi? It should be back on January 6th, which means it will show up on Viki shortly thereafter. Are you still in?

Yours in wonderment–

Karie the Maknae

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8 thoughts on “Hwayugi Update — Will You Stick With It?

  1. Just mark me down as “hwaiting.” It did look fun (more than Bride of the Water God!) but I’m willing to wait and watch when there are more episodes. Too bad things started out so poorly – that drama industry needs to move to pre-production like the rest of the world.

  2. I believe in not messing with or testing supernatural~demonic forces, But I think these production problems are just that, production problems. Otherwise, there’d be BTS stories left and right from all these supernatural themed dramas. Unless there are but they go unreported or I’m just not paying attention.

    Of course the story or rumor of a “curse” would most-likely wind up help with promotions when it’s truly ready to get on the air. People would watch out of curiosity.

    • I wish I knew any of these actors that you’re so excited about, but I guess I’ll learn from watching Hwayugi!

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