1st Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: I Cannot Hug You

There are several tropes that suck me in no matter how bad the drama might be. Vampire romance is definitely one of those tropes. Regardless of how many times I have been burned by badly written vamp stories I just keep coming back. That said, so far I Cannot Hug You is not one of those bad dramas. So come join me as I share my 1st Impressions and Unfiltered thoughts for the Chinese drama I Cannot Hug You.


The plot

For those of you not in the know about this drama, it’s the story about a vampire (Shi Ya) who feeds, not from sucking blood, but from sucking energy through touch.  One day she happens to bump into a man (Zhi Hao) who tastes delicious.  According to her, it is like he is fried chicken.  Wanting another taste, Shi Ya more or less stalks Zhi Hao only to discover that he is an extreme germaphobe and never touches anyone if he can help it.  Hijinks and falling in love ensue.

Webtoon origins

It just so happened that this is not my first time coming across this story.  It is actually the plot of a webtoon I am currently reading (although I am not yet finished.) called Untouchable. If you are interested in reading the webtoon, check it out HERE.  It is very entertaining and, at least so far, the story has stayed true in the drama.

Xing Zhao Lin

Xing Zhao Lin is one of those actors that I wouldn’t usually look twice at. At first glance, he seems very stiff and rigid in his portrayals. But, surprisingly, he grows on you. There is just something about the emotions in his gaze that sucks a viewer in. His portrayal of a germaphobic romantic lead is perfectly done and even without the skinship, his character has great sizzle with the leading lady.

Is this drama for you?

I think if what you are looking for is a sweet, light, and fluffy romance, then this is for you.  It isn’t scary or intense (at least so far) and I find it very easy to binge.  The chemistry is good, if not great, and I enjoy the banter between the two leads.  If, instead, you want an intense, sexier, vampire vibe.  This might not be your kind of drama.

Any negatives?

So far the only negative I notice is that the bestie vamp friend of Shi Ya doesn’t really connect with my impressions of him from the webtoon.  However, there is a lot of time for him to grow on me so it is not that big of an issue.  Especially, if you have never read the Webtoon.

There you have it.  My initial thoughts about I Cannot Hug You.  I hope you give it a try if this is your type of genre and let me know if you are enjoying it as much as I am.

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  1. I was in it for the vampires, the light fluffy concept and even though i don’t follow the webtoon, it seemed really cute. And yet, i couldn’t get into the drama for some reason.

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