Podcast Episode 3 – The Final Goodbye to 2017

We are back with Part 3 of our End of Year podcasts (we promise this is the last one!) We chat our favorite foreign dramas of 2017.  Along with the all time best and worst dramas of the year. 

Thanks again for supporting our latest endeavor.  Feel free to send us your thoughts and feelings about the podcast or even if you have suggestions for possible future topics.  We love to hear from our readers/listeners.

Links mentioned in this episode

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Running Man Episode Episode 213 – Lee Yoo Ri guests  (124 if going by drama fever count)

For more thoughts on the scientific theories behind the drama Circle (penned by Kdrama Jen) and how they are used in a novel written by our very own Drama Geek, check out these links.

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Check back next week as we do one of our mini episodes and discuss the treasure that is I’m Not a Robot.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 3 – The Final Goodbye to 2017

  1. I have to say, there really isn’t any drama I hated in 2017, except Missing 9. Totally loved the ensemble cast, totally want to ban the writers from EVER doing anything except survival shows from now on…
    I enjoyed Habaek (guilty pleasure – totally didn’t have a storyline LOL), am LOVING Black Knight (it has such a surreal ambiance), found Tomorrow with You quietly fulfilling, Manhole hysterically funny, and quite enjoyed Revolutionary Love & My Shy Boss.
    I feel that Chicago Typewriter was an amazing drama of 2017 that didn’t get much mention 🙁
    As far as weekend dramas, there have been several good ones – Laurel Tree Tailors, My Golden Life, Good Thief Bad Thief (along w/Father is Strange) – really good ones 😀

  2. Yes Bride of Habaek was a complete waste of time…I am traumatized by that female lead and have sworn off ever giving her a chance again LOL so I am amused at all the weirdness from that Black Knight drama she is currently starring in. The clips on Twitter are definitely funny but am certainly not watching that one.

    • I just don’t share the hate for that actress. I rather enjoy watching her. Bride of Habaek, who knows why I managed to enjoy it – I totally agree it was a mess LOL No consistent internal logic, no explanations for half the goings-on & conflicting explanations for the other half LOL But the pretty was real, it was funny, and the half-demon character was both well written !!! and very well acted. I would have preferred Habaek being able to show off HIS powers more – oh, & I REALLY would have loved a consistent, logical storyline LOL
      Black Knight – this has such a surreal, dreamy quality to it, with the characters from the ‘real’ world feeling like intruders. I am also enjoying this one. I do admit to loving fantasy a lot.

  3. I’ve been re-listening to these pocasts and I loved the phrase about the grassland hottie, “He’d drag you to his tent – and make you want to stay.” But then another speaker added, “Make you see the ocean!” Actually, the classic Chinese drama trope would be the gauzy scene where they “blow out the candle.” Love this podcast – I think I just need a bit more variation in the sound for the different speakers so I know which one is speaking.

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