Memory Lost Recap Episodes 20-23

It’s time to order that big king sized bed… or maybe not. This week has our OTP getting rid of an annoying pest and finally taking their relationship to the next level. Oh, and there are still those pesky Alphabet Killers running around. But we’re finally entering the phase where our doctor might finally let his hair down and get this show on the road.

Case of the week: Well, here’s the thing, all roads lead to the Alphabet Killers. Even the pile of bodies that were discovered were essentially created by them as a diversion so we’re not going to spend any time on hypnotized petty killers. Just a quick note: we will be doing four episodes per post for the remainder of our recapping. It works out better that way and truthfully lets me be done with this series sooner. (Did I say that out loud?)

Here are our top five moments.

#5 The crazy $itch is dead.

Drama Geek: The one thing I love about Chinese dramas is they aren’t afraid to kill main characters off, especially the female second leads. In historical dramas, I think that’s almost a given.

Kmuse: I love how willing Chinese dramas are willing to kill off people.  It clears out a lot of the annoying female (and male) characters that tend to linger in Kdramas.

Drama Geek: Our residence crazy friend Xin Jia decides that she’s going to kidnap Han Chen by using Jin Xi’s real identity as bate. She lures him out to her life-sized dollhouse where he finally gets to bask in how far gone she is. Seriously, she has a room with their cut and past pictures all over, and it’s fully equipped with boy and girl baby dolls.

There’s lots of whining and pleading from Xin Jia trying to get him to just spend the day with her, but he doesn’t really go along with her plans. She does reveal Jin Xi’s real name, Su Mian, and where she went to school. But other than that, she doesn’t give Han Chen anymore more information before he realizes the second house she led him to is rigged with explosives.

Her big plan was to die along side him and live happily ever after. Instead, she gets sent off to ever after all on her own. Her fellow alphabet killer shows up with a rifle trained on Han Chen, so she steps in front and saves him, taking the bullet. Except, I’m pretty sure the killer was actually there to take care of her and not Han Chen so that part doesn’t exactly make sense.

Kmuse: I was unsure about who the fellow alphabet killer was trying to kill as well.  Either way, she is dead and I can’t say she will be missed.  Hmmm.  Maybe I will miss the ability she has to always look crazy in every screencap I make of her, but that is it.

#4 Hypnotized Chatterbox

Drama Geek: Xin Jia’s death leads the Black Shield team to a hypnotist professor who is actually in the same field as Jin Xi. Great, now we get double the long expositions about criminals profiles. Our boys Chatterbox and Xiao Zhuan are sent to observe the hypnotist at one of his lectures and Chatterbox ends up getting hypnotized into thinking he’s about the wet himself, and then accidentally runs into the women’s bathroom. It’s hilarious, but I almost wish it had been Poker Face that was with them.

Kmuse: I love having cute quirky sidekick moments like these ones.  The other three guys on the team have such cute moments and I always enjoy watching.  Poor Chatterbox and his full bladder had me laughing out loud.

#3 Speaking of Hot Hypnotist.

Drama Geek: After pegging our boys as cops, Hot Hypnotist goes in for questioning before he’s even asked by the cops. If you remember back from the magician and clown hypnotists, the clown had a letter in his belongings that was signed K. We suspected back then that K was the mastermind behind the other two and now that we witness Hot Hypnotist’s skills, the audience, and the team are both convinced.

Kmuse:  Now this is the proper hairstyle for a bad guy.  I think our Creepy Co-worker Doc needs to take notes.

DramaGeek: He manages to best Jin Xi in a virtual chess game while she’s under his influence. For a moment he seems like he’s under her spell and might confirm he’s K, but he turns the tables on her and wins. (The CGI chess game made me laugh.)

In order to catch him, they actually ask him to be a part of their task force. Um… I know keeping your enemies close can help, but I’m not sure this is the right thing to do.

If there is any doubt about him being K we get a flashback where he forced two men to kill each other. T and Xin Jia are there to freak out on him for not staying under the radar while curbing their desire to kill. We also get lots of suggestive looks from him to Creepy Doc. I have been wondering for a while if our the doctor remembers that he’s creepy, and I think they’ve confirmed that he doesn’t with bringing K into the precinct.

Kmuse: I was also wondering if that was why there were all the suggestive looks between Crazy Stalker chick and Creepy Doc back at the hospital.  I guess he really doesn’t remember that he is a killer and should have a better hairstylist.   You know you are a true Asian drama fan when it bugs you to death that a character is not following the proper drama hair styling rules.

#2 A Character Twist.

Drama Geek: Han Chen and Jin Xi take some time off and return to the city where Jin Xi worked before the task force. She thinks it’s a lovers retreat, but in reality, they’re there to research her true identity. With her name, they’re able to find her file, but there’s not much in it. The records at the university she attended are also void of her existence. Their only conclusion is that she went undercover as Jin Xi and then the accident happened and they lost their memories.

Han Chen is excited to have Jin Xi meet his old university friends so he arranges a gathering. Two of his old classmates show up and they were in on the lie that his fiancé didn’t exist, so they are not happy to see her there. Apparently, everyone knew that she went undercover, but they claim that she really did join the Alphabet Killers and she turned on Han Chen and broke up with him before the accident.  Han Chen, of course, doesn’t relay any of this to Jin Xi.

Kmuse: I like the twist of Jin Xi going undercover with the Alphabet Killers.  Although I still struggle to understand what their little club really does.  They all just seem to be loyal to the same head killer but then kill at will when they are not attending parties in their super secret headquarters.

#1 Consummation!!

Drama Geek: After Jin Xi learns her true identity our couple finally gets their fade to flower scene (or insert any object you want when there is an implied sex scene). I liked that it was really sweet and emotional and that they also had a very sparks flying sexy scene a few episodes later when he flips her onto the table and kisses her. The best part is when she shoves her palm into his chin, bringing back images from their first hotel meeting.

Kmuse: THANK GOODNESS.  I was wondering how long she was going to keep him waiting.  You are already at the almost married/living together emotional stage so it never made a ton of sense to keep the abstinence going this long.  Not to mention we deserve it after having to watch crazy girl be crazy for so long earlier.

Final Thoughts

Drama Geek: The alphabet killers are boring. I really, really need Creepy Doc to have his inner killer awakened and for him to go on a rampage or something. At the end of these episodes, Poker Face shoots himself under the influence of Hot Hypnotist so I think we are getting close to full exposer of all the major players, but I’m getting impatient.

I feel like I’ve spent most of this series waiting for the next thing to happen. I really wanted Han Chen and Jin Xi to realize their connection. Now that they have, I do enjoy the sexy times, but it’s not enough to keep me wanting more. I just want the doctor to fully step into his Big Bad role. It will be fun if Hot Hypnotist was controlling Jin Xi five years ago, and starts doing it again. I’m all for our girl joining the alphabet side and Han Chen fight to break the spell. As long as she never kisses Creepy Doc.

Kmuse: Sometimes I wonder if Creepy Doc is, in fact, one of the alphabets and not the head bad guy?  His hair is just too horrid to be really evil and he really seems to not be as aggressively serial killerish now that Jin Xi has chosen someone else over him.  Guess only time will tell.

Til our next memorable recap,

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