Miss Sherlock – Japanese Trailer 1

The Doctor has finally regenerated into a woman, and I think Sherlock got a little jealous.

Sherlock has graced our screens both big and small in many incarnations. The character is always an oddball and a bit of a jerk, with Watson by their side. In the latest reboot Sherlock gets a completely knew look and is reimagined in present day Tokyo, Japan.

Coming in April Miss Sherlock will be an eight part series staring Yuko Takeuchi as Sherlock and Shihori Kanjiya as Miss Wato (Watson). I looked through both women’s past dramas and movies and it appears that Yuko Takeuchi has helmed most of the dramas she’s been in the last few years. I haven’t seen any of them, but from the trailer it looks like we’ll be in very capable hands.

The trailer also gives me the impression they’re looking at the BBC version staring Benedict Cumberbatch for inspiration. It will be interesting to see how they distinguish themselves (other than them both being women) from the other series and movies that have come before.

I’m also curious to see how the audience handles all of Sherlock’s idiosyncrasies coming from a woman. Will they find her annoying and bitchy, or will the character transcend the gender roles and be as loveable as ever? I’m hoping for the later because if there is one thing I like more than a kick-ass female character, it’s a smart-ass female character who happens to be a genius.


Miss Sherlock is produced by Hulu Japan and HBO Asia so we’ll find it on Hulu come April. Depending on my schedule this may be one I recap, no promises though.

Will you watch, my dear reader?

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7 thoughts on “Miss Sherlock – Japanese Trailer 1

  1. Cautiously interested, although I’m not keen on Kanjiya Shihori.

    Not an unfamiliar type of role for Takeuchi Yuko. To see her in a detective role, check out Strawberry Night. She played Kimura Takuya’s love interest in Pride.

    • Funny you mention “Strawberry Night”… Takeuchi’s character there was a very arrogant, but skilled character. Maybe the producers watched that and thus cast her here.

      • Yes, that could be the case, although I don’t remember her character there being too arrogant – but it’s been a while since I’ve seen Strawberry Night, so maybe it’s time to revisit it.

  2. One of the first things I saw Kanjiya Shihori in was the first season of “Detective Yabe Kenzo”. In that series, the titular character is one who gets on top of cases through sheer dumb luck, and Kanjiya plays one of the detectives who does the actual work behind the scenes, but gets frustrated by that incredibly lucky glory hog. I believe she’ll be okay here.

    Takeuchi Yuko being an excellent actress ought to go without saying.

    April feels so far away…

    • It does feel like a really long time to wait, but it’ll air right about when my American shows start winding down so that’s good for my time management. 🙂

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