ALL the Melodramas: The Teasers are HERE

Y’all, I know it’s hard on a drama-watcher’s heart when MBC suspends programming for some piddly thing like the Olympics (please note use of excessive sarcasm in those last six words), but the other networks are stepping up. Take a look at what you can expect to see on your screens in the near future.


Return is a crime drama featuring a lawyer (Ko Hyun Jung) and a hot-tempered detective (Lee Jin Wook) who team up to take down a trio of wealthy kids accused of murder. (I spy Shin Sung Rok! Will he be a scary chaebol again?)


A well-known anchorwoman (Kim Nam Joo) ends up accused of murder. Her estranged lawyer husband (Ji Jin Hee) decides to defend her. Will her trial save their marriage?

CROSS (caution: this trailer is NOT for the squeamish)

We’ve talked about Cross before, but it deserves one more mention: A surgeon (Ko Gyung Po) takes a job at the prison where his father’s murderer is incarcerated. Will he remain a doctor or will he become a murderer himself?

Drama fans, what’s your pleasure? Will you be marathoning the Olympics or giving these new dramas a try? Let us know in the comments!

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