Laughter in Waikiki 2nd teaser leaves us giggling in delight.

It is rare that a drama will use it’s actual footage in a teaser and have me laughing in my chair as I watch.  More often than not a show will create funny teasers but not of the actual drama so when I go to watch, expecting it to be funny, I end up instead with angst and often a serial killer.  I think we can safely assume Laughter in Waikiki will be serial killer free.

I especially appreciated the physical comedy I witnessed in the teaser.  When done right (History of a Salaryman) it can make a drama shine.  Of course when done wrong (Modern Farmer) it can make me want to wash my brain out with bleach.  But let’s be optimistic and say this has the chance to be of the former catagory. Laughter in Waikiki  will begin airing on February 15th.  Will you be watching?

2 thoughts on “Laughter in Waikiki 2nd teaser leaves us giggling in delight.

  1. hmm unfortunately the trailer is reminding me of Manhole which was terrible and I dropped at ep 3…hope this is actually good!

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