First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Cross

Kmuse here, and today I am checking out the latest revenge medical drama, Cross. Will this be a medical show that will break the doctor tropes that we have seen a million times before? Come join me and find out!

Disclaimer: I hate when medical dramas have a huge group of incompetent and/or crooked doctors. Then the writer usually throws in a genius doctor that bucks the system. Oh, and he/she is usually the dirt poor and has a grudge against the medical system. On the off chance that this is what you adore, then this might not be the review for you.

You can probably guess by my disclaimer where this discussion is going to go.

Within the first ten minutes, we witness Kang In-Kyu apply for a job at the local prison and then get the job after he saves the life of a shanked bad guy. Fine, that’s nothing objectionable. What is objectionable, is the fact that every cop, nurse, and even the other prison doctor, act like this is the first medical emergency they had ever encountered.

I hate when shows act as if crime and violence don’t actually happen. You can’t tell me that every person in the prison is a schoolboy and that there are no injuries. Unless I am watching Prison Playbook I will be screaming foul at the stupid plot device.

Then, after saving the prisoners life, there is a lot of pointing fingers over whether Kang In-Kyu actually did a good job or not by doctors who were not there. To top off the trope laden sundae we then have to sift through tons of hospital politics and ethical questions that do nothing but annoy. If you are going to force me to care about an old rich guy’s kidney transplant and how they bucked the system to jump the waiting list, at least give me layered characters. Needless to say, there was not a layer to be seen.

Despite all the negatives, there were a few positive aspects. I liked that the leading man was not really there to help mankind…at least not yet. I am sure he will see the error of his way by the end. Instead, he plans to spend his time poisoning and tormenting the man responsible for his father’s murder. Hmm. Poisoning revenge is always a good way to add spice to a story.

Ko Gyung-Pyo’s performance is also well done. I enjoyed seeing him portray a very serious character for once. He did a good job and I truly wish the story was better so I would be tempted to continue watching.

But not even a strong performance could make me sit through another week of doctors who act as if they have never lost a patient or prison guards who are clueless when an emergency occurs. Cross is going to be a strong pass for me.

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5 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Cross

  1. Speaking of said kidney transplant, call me stupid but don’t people have TWO of them? Meaning one donor = TWO kidneys????
    I’ve see Go Kyung Pyo play a bad guy (in God’s Quiz 3) & he was superb. Here, I really don’t know if he nor the other stellar actors can save this show from stupid writing 🙁 I hate revenge dramas anyway so I may very well drop this – next week will tell….

  2. agree with everything you said.. Loved the main lead’s performance. His character is just setup to be cool – how can anyone not be impressed with a doctor with godly skills, good looks, brains and some broody angst to go along. I loved the look and feel of the drama but the story on the other hand.. I passed too.

    • None of the fangirls are. I have heard a few people on my social media accounts that are sticking with it. Most really like the medical genre though.

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