Podcast Episode 7: Attack of the Puppy Smolder

This week the Fangirls discuss all things Puppy Smolder.  What is puppy smolder? Namely, it’s found in those special actors who have the ability to make you say “aw” at how cute they can be.  Then they make you say “ooh” when they turn on the sexy heat.  Come find out what makes an actor a smoldering puppy, as well as our favorite PS dramas.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 7: Attack of the Puppy Smolder

  1. Just had to say, Seo In Guk was the very FIRST person I thought of when the puppy smoulder was mentioned. And he is not my bias. Park Hyung Sik has that role covered. But like ya’ll mentioned, he is more puppy than smoulder.

  2. Oh my goodness you guys! I was listening to this podcast as I waited in line at the car wash… I’m sure I must have looked like a crazy woman laughing hysterically in my car by my lonesome!
    I think Seo In Guk is a fabulous actor and have loved watching him in what I’ve seen him in thus far… however, I have to disagree about the puppy part for him. He’s definitely got the smolder down pat, but his puppy is too competent and capable… I just do not feel the “awwws” with him.
    I like Park Hyung Sik best for the puppy smolder – I do agree though, that he could stand to smolder a bit more to balance the package out!
    After listening to your discussion, I realized I have not watched anything starring Park Bo Gum?!? So I’ve got Reply 1988 at the top of my binge watch list… Unless ya’ll recommend another of his drama’s first?!
    Aaaaand it sounds like I need to check out Hwarang!! Even though the saeguks are not my usual cuppa tea, ya’ll made this one sound like one I can’t miss!
    Can’t wait to hear your next podcast!

    • Park Bo Gum is fabulous in Reply 1988. I would also recommend Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. It’s a saguek but it has a very modern feel. And if you like Seo In Guk then you might also want to check out I Remember You (Hello Monster) because it has both In Guk and Bo Gum in it.

      As for Hwarang we may have been misleading with that drama. There is plenty of the puppy smolder going on, but it’s not the best drama. 🙂

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