First Trailer for My Ahjussi!

When the drama drought ends in March, My Ahjussi will start airing on tvN, starring Lee Sun Gyun (Coffee Prince, The Advocate) and IU (Scarlet Heart Ryeo).  Fascinating pairing, don’t you think?

SYNOPSIS: Park Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Gyun) is a cautious and reserved middle-aged man who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Lee Ji An (IU) is the young woman assigned to spy on him by her current boss. Though their lives are very different, they understand the trials that the other is bearing and learn to trust each other, finding healing in the process.

The only project I’ve seen IU take on is Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Moon Lovers. Some say she did just fine in that, some thought she was a block of wood moving from place to place. It was one of my first dramas and my first sageuk, so I had nothing to compare it to. I still don’t. But I did find IU to be more interesting when she was in the modern-day portions of Scarlet Heart, so I think she might do well in My Ahjussi.

Lee Sun Gyun was fantastic as Gong Yoo’s cousin in Coffee Princeand I absolutely adored his character in The AdvocateHe has an interesting voice and excellent acting range, so I’m wondering how this drama will turn out. What do you think, drama fans? Will it work?

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