Lee Kwang Soo & Jung Yoo Mi strive for justice in Live teasers

Prepare to fall in love with Cop Kwang Soo as he does his best to protect and serve in the new TvN drama Live!  Check out these new teasers and let us know if this is going to be added to your “must watch” list.

It looks like Kwang Soo has finally achieved leading man status!  And to no one’s surprise, it is under the Noh Hee Kyung/Kim Kyu Tae writing/pd team.  Kwang Soo has starred as a side character in two of their previous shows (It’s Okay, It’s Love & Dear My Friends) and obviously is a favorite actor of theirs.  I look forward to seeing him spread his acting wings in this new Police themed drama.

While I can’t say that I am a Jung Yoo Mi fan, I am willing to give her a chance to change my mind.  Maybe she just needs a role in which I don’t completely hate her character?  If I do end up dumping the drama, I suspect it will be because I can’t past her presence.

Live begins airing on March 10th following the conclusion of Hwayugi.

2 thoughts on “Lee Kwang Soo & Jung Yoo Mi strive for justice in Live teasers

  1. Looks good!! And I’m happy for Lee Kwang Soo. While I’m not a fan of Running Man, i did see a few episodes and he’s great. But I really liked him since “Nice Guy” my first Kdrama. I also recommend “Puck.” He’s the lead in that hour long drama.

    We don’t often see dramas based on the police force. Hopefully they’re portrayed realistically and they’re not the dreaded Kdrama Keystone Cops!

    • I often like how this writer does realistic characters. She tends to discuss a lot of topics that other dramas wont. Like mental illness, aging, etc.

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