I Want Those Hours Back: Crime Thriller Edition

Its that time again where I feel the need to jump in and share those dramas that I really wished I had skipped.  So join me as I share my list of crime themed dramas that made me wish I had those hours of my life back….so I could go watch something worthwhile.

God’s Quiz Season 4 – I was a huge fan of the first three instalments of this story.  Ryu Deok Hwan is a treasure and I have always been sad that he did not make it bigger than he did in Korean entertainment.  Sadly, this last installment felt phoned in.  I didn’t connect with the story and I felt that they maybe could have left it just at 3 seasons and called it good.

Dr Frost – This is yet another OCN crime drama that looked like it would be good……then totally flopped.  At least for this viewer.  I suggest going straight to the webtoon if you are intrigued by the story and giving the live action version a skip.

Wanted – Evil person kidnaps famous actress’s son and forces her to do a live game show to receive clues as to where he is.  How could this convoluted plot synopsis possibly go wrong (I say in my most snarkiest tones.)  This drama tried so hard to be the next God’s Gift: 14 Days but fell way short.  Everything from the storyline, to the actress, to the bad guy was eye rolling levels of bad.  The only positive was that Ji Hyun Woo looked really good in a pair of jeans.

3Days – I think they were going for something similar to the US show 24.  However, this show was 16 hours of boring action that had me falling asleep more than once.  It is a huge skip.

The Village: Achiara’s Secret – The concept was a good one but the actual drama just didn’t deliver like I had been hoping.  It might also be because I am not a Moon Geun Young fan.  Whatever the reason, this suspense drama left me yawning and the payout just wasn’t there for me.

Thanks for joining me as I took a moment to whine and complain.  Be sure to let me know what your least favorite Crime dramas are in the comments and check out my other “I want those hours back” posts HERE.

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5 thoughts on “I Want Those Hours Back: Crime Thriller Edition

  1. I totally agree with all these EXCEPT Three Days (which is a POLITICAL thriller) and Achiarra’s Secret (suspense w/overtones of Hitchcock). 3 Days was okay, Yoochun did a good job in it. Achiarra’s Secret, however, was a wonderful drama. I will NEVER understand all the hating on it! I love that type of thing, and this was very well done all the way to the end. I most certainly do think it delivered.
    God’s Quiz – sigh – I’m half-way thru the 4th season and SOOOO disgusted 🙁 I’m only hanging on by my fingernails cause of hotness (I know, shallow, but DONGHAE).

  2. I once watched Three Days and wrote a blog post of the worst plot holes for each episode. Sometimes that is the most entertaining thing to do. I liked several of the characters, but the plot was a problem.

    • I do remember plot holes LOL but overall I found it quite watchable. Unlike the others (except as noted, Achiarra’s Secret).
      I’d put Mrs. Cop II in this mix, BTW – OMG the ONLY reason to watch it is Kim Bum chewing up the scenery as the villain – he obviously had LOTS of fun LOL – but I couldn’t get past episode 8 even then!

  3. Out of this list I liked 3 Days the best and thought it was good, but overly brutal in spots. I wanted Dr. Frost to be a better drama but it was lame, the chemistry lacked even if he’s supposed to be cold and emotionless – for the best example of this working see Stranger (Secret Forest). I’m not a Moon Geun Young fan either, I like her better in movies for some reason, after a while I dropped Achiara’s secret.

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