Podcast #8: Sexy Ahjussis know how to woo a lady

Last week we squealed over the smoldering puppies, which means it is time to give the ahjussis some loving.  Join The Fangirls as they take a moment to share all their favorite Ahjussi dramas.  Also, who they would choose as the sexiest ahjussi in Dramaland?

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A list of the links mentioned in the episode.

So Ji Sub attempting to rap (Be warned….you can’t unsee these.)

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3 thoughts on “Podcast #8: Sexy Ahjussis know how to woo a lady

  1. LOL i’m in my mid-20s but an ahjussi for me is late 30s+

    my favorite ahjussi actor is Jang Hyuk from Fated to Love You but I like watching ahjussi dramas every now and then 😉

  2. Ryu Soo Young (from My Princess, among others) is always a favorite ahjussi for me as is Lee Sun Gyun from Pasta and Coffee Prince. If you want to spread your nets, Christopher Lee (the Hong Kong actor) is lovely as is the little-too-tan Louis Koo.

  3. Thanks for this interesting podcast. Being over 50 I am exactly the opposite of probably most American viewers as I prefer watching dramas with older actors and totally avoid those with actors in their early 20ies and mostly related to school life. My favourite ahjussis are definitely Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub and Jang Hyuk and I hope to see more and more dramas with 40 year old actors as hopefully the international viewership age range will increase as time goes by.

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