Kpop Meets Romance: Our Favorite Kpop Songs for Valentine’s Day

The reason I love music is for the emotions it can help me express. In my journey into all things Korean, I have found love songs that just stand out–they touch my heart, saying what I want to say more beautifully than I ever could. For Valentine’s Day, I’ve gathered some of the fangirls to share our favorite kpop love songs.

Karie the Maknae:

 I had a hard time choosing between two songs, so I’m sharing them both. First up is Taeyang’s Wake Me Up. It’s soulful and romantic, but most of all, it expresses that longing to be with the one he loves forever, even if all he can do is dream of her. I love the gorgeous instrumentals layered with Taeyang’s raspy voice.

The other one I love is GOT7’s You Are.

I love the way the song expresses how the person the singer is in love with can bring some serenity into their life. My husband does that for me — when I’m stressed and anxious, I can hug him or talk to him and suddenly everything seems calmer and clearer. That concept is reinforced with the boys’ smooth vocals over the peppy instrumentals–it’s a great contrast that really works for me.


As I looked for songs to post, I realized that most of my favorite songs are about missed chances and regrets. So here are a couple of my favorites, I actually have a snippet of Let’s Not Fall in Love as a ringtone.

Big Bang’s Let’s Not Fall in Love, takes us into relationships where the status quo is friendly and fun, and they don’t want to ruin that by falling in love.  The truth of it is though, they are already in love.

EXO’s Peter Pan, expresses the longing of someone who is waiting for love to return to them.  I love this one because it’s so simple. Also, when someone compares you to Wendy and says he’s your Peter Pan, well, I’m a sucker for fairy tale references.


I am sure it is no surprise that Seo In Guk steals my picks.  What could be more romantic than your bias crooning to you about love?  I love so many of his songs and his romantic ballads make Valentines (and any other ) day extra special.

Finding Myself (King of Highschool Savvy OST)

All I Want is You

With Laughter or With Tears

What about you, drama fans? What kpop songs scream romance to you? We want to know your top picks, so sound off in the comments!

As I wade through the last of my chocolate (don’t judge me), I remain–

Karie the Maknae

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  1. my favorite kpop love song is “Star Blossom” by Sejeong and Doyoung which is just the sweetest song…I have already decided I will play this song at my wedding someday regardless of whether future spouse is korean or not LOL (i’m not korean either btw)

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