Prison Playbook: Episode 10

I like finding a theme to the Prison Playbook episodes, and the writer doesn’t make it hard. Episode 10 definitely revolved around comings and goings, so let’s talk about who left the cell and who made an appearance, shall we?

The episode opens rather abruptly on Bestie chewing out Je Hyeok’s girlfriend on the phone, telling her this is the last time she’ll be able to see him without restriction. Je Hyeok and Ji Ho’s relationship has always been a bit off to me — there’s attraction there, and a history, but it’s not sustainable, in my mind. She doesn’t respect Je Hyeok, and if she can’t respect him, how can she stay with him?

So does she go to see him in the hospital before he leaves? Yeah, not quite. He sees her from a distance, but Je Hyeok recognizes that she really doesn’t want to be there. My heart hurts for him, but I really want a better relationship for him, too. This ain’t it.

In the meantime, Captain Yoo’s Brother is developing some uncertainties about the key witness following through on his promise to testify. There WILL be a charge for perjury, which is something most people would want to avoid. The lawyer he’s talking to isn’t confident that the witness will come forward because of those consequences.

In a lighter moment (well, not lighter for Kaist), we learn that Kaist’s sixth wife has left before, but come back. He’s torn up over the guy she’s currently having an affair with, but Je Hyeok sees the guy’s picture and laughs it off. Apparently the scamming wife is getting scammed, and with a toy gun and a fake government agent story. Oh boy.

Throughout the episode the inmates talk about the website they can make requests through–to find out information like Kaist did, or to send flowers or gifts. It’s complicated, but adds an interesting layer to the episode’s ending.

Bestie’s Reporter Brother is up to hijinks again, calling Bestie out for drinks and snacks with his sister-in-law. Bestie seems to be pretty confused when he shows up to the snack tent to find Je Hyeok’s sister there, but Little Brother is pretty pleased with himself and laughing about it with her. Bestie finally gets over himself and pulls on Little Brother’s ear while wishing aloud for a great sister like Je Hyeok has. I laughed and laughed at that. I love the relationship between the two brothers — it’s so light and refreshing after all the heaviness of the prison. And Bestie’s protectiveness of Je Hyeok’s sister, and her acceptance of that protectiveness, makes me squeal happily. I really want these two to get together.

AWWWW NOOOO! Dr. Ko is leaving! I didn’t like that. Awesome Lieutenant Paeng broke the news gently and early, allowing Dr. Ko to say a proper goodbye to his cellmates. Paeng reminds him to keep his head down, and his ears and eyes shut. Sounds like the prison Dr. Ko is going to isn’t as petition-friendly as this one. Poor Dr. Ko. I hope we get an afterward on him. His parting gift to Je Hyeok — the training diary — was fantastic and just SO him.

Min Chul, our “lifer”, talks to Dr. Ko as he’s preparing to leave, reminding him that he has a great family waiting for him. Min Chul has no one . . . or so he thinks. He finally gets a visitor on visiting day — the same punk who threw him under the bus for the altered watch all those episodes ago. Punk Boy, who it seemed was going to stay away forever, has been training as a welder and saving up money so that he and Min Chul can live together after Min Chul gets out. This scene touched my heart, especially because after Punk Boy got out, Min Chul told the rest of the cell that the boys he’d mentored never came back to see him, even after they promised to. Punk Boy may have redeemed himself, and it makes me happy for Min Chul, if nothing else.

There was a little bickering between Looney and Captain Yoo in this episode, culminating in LOONEY giving Captain Yoo a death glare and declaring that he knows nothing about him. Looney has been such a space case so far that the death glare was something else — I’m interested to see how this new facet to his personality will play out.

And the witness for Captain Yoo came after all! He knows about the consequences, and he’s sorted out his life, preparing to take them. SO COOL. It’ll be a horrible trade-off if the witness/military bestie has to go into prison just as Captain Yoo is getting out, but he’s willing to do it! There may have been cheering when I realized exactly what he was telling Captain Yoo’s brother.

In a brilliant bit of cinematography, flowers bloom and months pass. Jailbird/1004 and Bestie see how much Je Hyeok’s pitch has improved, but they can’t figure out how to measure his speed legally. I mean, even The Store doesn’t have a radar gun! But Bestie watched Curiosity Heaven (the equivalent to MythBusters or Dude Perfect, I’m guessing) and figures out that if Je Hyeok’s pitch pierces a piece of plywood, then his pitching ability has come back. The LOOKS on their FACES when it does! And the anti-besties even scream happily at each other and hug. That was pretty awesome. I love how Je Hyeok’s very personality is a bridge between such polar opposite characters, bringing them together in support of him.

And then we have the end of the episode. Ji Ho receives a flower delivery, and at first I thought it was from Je Hyeok through that inmate website. Instead, they’re from a fellow student, mustering up the courage to tell her he likes her. Je Hyeok had made an equipment donation to a young baseball team, not sent flowers. I think this relationship has gasped its last.

But the worst has come. A new cellmate finally arrives, and it’s none other than Crony, the grouchy idiot from the detention center who decided Je Hyeok needed a shiv to the shoulder as a parting gift. Blech. I’m not looking forward to the anxiety the next episode is sure to deliver!

Until the next roll call, drama fans, I remain–

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