The Great Seducer’s Teaser Lives Up to its Name!

I have been waiting for Woo Do Hwan to grace my screen again. He commanded the spotlight in Save Me and had so much on-screen sizzle in Mad Dog. Finally, it looks like he might create a burning inferno in this next show, The Great Seducer.

I am left with a number of questions every time I read the synopsis. Apparently the story is based on the premise of Les Liaisons dangereuses (that would be Dangerous Liaisons in English). Woo Do Hwan is playing the role of Kwon Si Hyun a homme fatale (AKA–a player/lady killer). Ack! All this French! He is challenged to seduce a woman, Eun Tae Hee, who has sworn off love and swears her heart will never be moved (played by Red Velvet’s Joy). The confusing bit is when I read a synopsis that says Kwon Si Hyun bets his life on the game of seducing Eun Tae Hee. I want to know just how dangerous this love game is going to get!

If the still shots of Woo Do Hwan are any indication of the potential, then I think poor Eun Tae Hee has no chance of surviving this unscathed.

The Great Seducer is prepared to set fire to our screens beginning March 12th. I will certainly be watching. Will you?

3 thoughts on “The Great Seducer’s Teaser Lives Up to its Name!

  1. Haven’t read the actual novel but I’ve watched both American film adaptations (Dangerous Liasons 1988; Valmont 1989) and the Korean film based on the novel (Untold Scandal 2003). I’m wondering how faithfully they are going to follow the story. It’s MBC and not one of the cable networks, so I doubt the drama will have quite the ‘steam’ levels the moves did, ha. As for the fate of the Seducer, wellll… let’s just say “not good”. 😀 Drama may opt our for something else, of course.

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