First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Radio Romance

You guys you guys YOU GUYS!! Can I be in love with a drama after only watching two episodes? YES I CAN! Come join Kmuse and I as we discuss our first impressions of Radio Romance.

First, a bit about the plot, courtesy of

“The drama is a love story between a top star who becomes a DJ and the radio program’s writer, and it deals with healing people’s wounded hearts through the radio show. Yoon Doo-joon has been cast to play a top actor who can’t speak a single word unless it’s been scripted for him. He’s a childish character who becomes a DJ for a live radio show, which never goes according to script.The story begins with him being trapped in a radio booth with the heroine for two hours during a live broadcast.
Kim So-hyun is the radio show’s writer, with five years’ experience on the job. She deals with guests who don’t show up, appeases the immature star DJ, and takes all the crap from the production company, all with incredible endurance, planning, and action. Her trademark is her perseverance and endless optimism, and she can sleep anywhere no matter how small or uncomfortable the space. She’s the type of character to throw herself into action rather than debate whether something is possible.”

Karie the Maknae: I wouldn’t exactly throw out this plot description, but I think it’s terribly inadequate. And somewhat inaccurate. I’ve actually watched three episodes at this point, and Yoon Doo Joon’s character, Ji Soo Ho,  is NOT childish. He’s deeply wounded FROM childhood. He’s very layered and the story is teasing a childhood connection with Kim So Hyun’s character, Song Geu Rim.

Kmuse: I have to agree.  He is not childish; he is very damaged and hides that trauma behind a public facade.  I have watched six episodes at this point and you can’t escape how his pain has created him into the scared, anti-social man he is today.

Kdrama Jen: What? I can’t jump in here even though this is your first impression post? I have things to say, though! So, I agree with you both that he is not childish. He is an adult with a traumatic background. He has learned to be an actor in all areas of his life in order to hide his true feelings. I look forward to seeing how long that cold facade will last once he is taken into the friend-fold with our perky writer and crazy PD!

Karie the Maknae:  What’s really selling me on this drama are the fantastic side characters. Yoon Park is playing a PD with anger management issues who just returned from a 2-year sabbatical to India. Kwak Dong Yeon is playing Ji Soo Ho’s high school friend who is now his live-in doctor/psychologist. I love his sunny personality contrasted with Ji Soo Ho’s dark and silent one. It’s made for some fun exchanges so far.

Kmuse: I like the angry PD so far.  He is a fun character and I am interested to watch what happens in his story arc.  The doctor just gives me the creeps.  There is something really off about his character that I just don’t like.  Not sure if that is the shows intention or not.

Kdrama Jen: So, I keep trying to find the dashing warrior in the doctor friend. If only he would wear black and carry a sword! He stole my heart in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, so I really want him to shine in this one! I am also getting kind of creepy vibes, though…

Karie the Maknae: My one concern is 18-year-old Kim So Hyun playing a mid-20s character. I’m not sure she *quite* has the gravity to pull it off. She’s an excellent actress, though, and very likable, which works in her favor.

Kmuse: I actually like her character at first look.  Kim So Hyun is always likable in her roles and I feel that she is doing a good job as a newbie writer.  However, I don’t feel that there has been very little character development in six episodes and I am worried she is going to become only a damsel catalyst for the leading man’s character.

Kdrama Jen: I think Kim So Hyun is a fantastic actress with a wealth of experience. I also love that they make cheeky references to her childhood actress days through another character, and they even have a shout out to Highlight. Dramas that feel smart and fresh always draw me in a bit. I hope her character continues to develop, though.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: This isn’t going to be a favorite of mine.  That doesn’t mean it is not worth watching once.  While, I wouldn’t say this is a must watch drama….it is an OK filler show.

Kdrama Jen: I started watching after a few episodes aired, but there is some potential for sweetness and healing in this one that balances out all the crazy revenge and mystery killings in the other dramas I am watching. I am entertained, so I will keep watching.

Karie the Maknae: I’m in. There’s enough layers to each character to keep me hooked, and now that I’ve seen the six episodes available, I know Kim So Hyun can pull this off. And the sunny doctor’s smile at the end of the sixth episode makes me a little worried…I have to see what happens!

What about you, drama fans? Will you join us in the booth? Let us know! And watch out for more surprise appearances by Kdrama Jen. We never know when those are going to happen!

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