Podcast #9 – Pick Your Drama Pony

We are watching a new batch of dramas, which means it is that time again to pick our drama pony!  Which fangirl has the drama you most want to watch?

Thanks again for supporting our latest endeavor. Feel free to send your thoughts and feelings about the podcast or if you have suggestions for possible future topics. We love to hear from our readers/listeners.

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The Fangirls

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One thought on “Podcast #9 – Pick Your Drama Pony

  1. Too many Ponies!! I’m with ya’ll on Queen of Mystery, Radio Romance and Master of the House~
    I honestly dropped MQ the first time around, but SO glad I gave it another chance; and now we get the second season!!
    RR has pulled me in- thankfully I made it through the red hair phase to where he looks more normal, lol!
    I’m not a big reality show person. At. All. But MotH has had me rolling, tears streaming!!! Your description of the show was Spot. On! I found I was really was moved at the end of the the first master’s episodes, when two of the guys had an emotional reaction to the song. I think the juxtaposition of seventh grade antics and that moment was poignant in and of itself…

    Look forward to your hearing your next Pony picks!

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