Prison Playbook: Episode 13

I can’t believe that we are on the last of my recaps.  It feels like just yesterday that I was talking about Je-Hyeok’s trial and his first experiences in prison.  And here we are… many months later (in drama time) and I feel as if I am describing an old and valued friend.  There will be more recaps of course, but this will be the last I will be penning.  So join me as I discuss the changes among the inmates in Episode 13.

Brainy Smurf

Looney continues to annoy everyone who comes within his zone, including Joon Ho who, in true jealous over Je-Hyeok fashion, accuses the inmate of being affection deprived. And using the sweet Je-Hyeok for his cuddling ability. Hahahaha. Looney sneaks up behind them and starts into the snacks Joon Ho had bought, declaring that Joon Ho should be called Brainy Smurf for being so right and he is, of course, affection deprived.

He shares that his mother was always too busy to be there for her son. First, by being too poor and always having to work. Then, after inheriting some money from a relative, too busy working and making more money to care what her son was doing. Looney even says it was easy to get into drugs since his mother just didn’t care. A statement that earns him a head slap from both Je-Hyeok and Joon Ho.

We also witness Joon Ho quickly deflecting questions about his latest girlfriend (aka…Je-Hyeok’s sister) by exclaiming that Looney was infested with lice. HA!

Finally, Looney officially comes out and says that he is gay… something that shocks Je-Hyeok and Joon Ho.  Looney just looks at them and asks that they keep his secret since he has been keeping their friendship a secret.  He then tells them to just eat their ice cream since they are horrible actors and their shock is obvious.

Crony’s Return

We witnessed a change in the Crony/Je-Hyeok dynamic at the end of the last episode.  Instead of being constantly on the lookout for an attack, Je-Hyeok decides to go a different route.  He befriends the thug and asks him to be his catcher during his practices.  This is how Crony becomes Je-Hyeok’s #2.

Realizing that Crony is a follower and is currently without someone to follow, Je-Hyeok brings the man into the cell’s friendship. He then has all his cellmates join him in scaring the crap out of the bad inmates who were bullying Crony. I died laughing at the site of these six men slow walking towards the prison gangsters. Je-Hyeok attacks first, knocking out the main thug with an apple. Right behind him, Looney attempts to glare as Kaist carries a large container of gasoline. But it is Captain Yoo who steals the scene as he pulls out a chainsaw. Bwahahaha! In what universe should the prisoner who was known as The Demon Captain (regardless of its validity) able to brandish a chainsaw?!

While I was at first wary of Je-Hyeok’s friendship plan, it achieves exactly what he had hoped it would.  Crony fits right in with the awkward misfits in the cell and happily joins the men in their hijinks.

Still not on the OTP ship.

Thanks to his bestie being his guard, Je-Hyeok has been trying to restart his relationship with Ji Ho.  While I give an amused chuckle over Je-Hyeok’s obsessive and dramatic texting, I still am not on board this ship.

I’m sorry. I just can’t feel them as a couple.  I know they want me to…and really it is not anyone’s acting this time.  For once, Krystal is doing an OK job.  I just don’t feel them as an “until the day I die” type of couple.  But I guess the show is going on with it since Ji Ho finally answers all of Je-Hyeok’s stalker texts.

Sharing a prison penpal…….maybe

The Crony hijinks continue as he and Kaist both decide to take advantage of the inmate penpal program, where a male prisoner can communicate, via mail, with the female penitentiary.  Both men are thrilled to be in a writing relationship with a girl from the other prison.  A girl who ends up being the penpal to both men.  Chaos ensues as both men try to clean up and be the one the woman picks.  Kaist even decided he would take a shower.

Come visiting time, it is Kaist who wins the visit.  Only, it is not the expected inmate, but his ex-wife and mother of his son.  Turns out his son is in the hospital with liver failure.  His ex begs him to donate his liver since she is not a match and the son is low on the transplant list.

Kaist agrees and is whisked away to the hospital and the surgery.  Sadly, Kaist’s son wants nothing to do with his father, despite the liver transplant, and the man is devastated.  To add insult to injury, Kaist is unexpectedly transferred and is not even allowed to go get his things and say goodbye to his cellmates.  I must admit that my eyes misted over.

Final Thoughts:

I am shocked how this drama can provide so much humor and then give me the proverbial angsty reality check. In my mind, they are all family and when a character is suddenly taken away, it gives me an empty feeling.  Why does the reality of prison have to be so depressing?  I am just hoping that all my favorite characters can make it to the end and be better people than when they started this windy road.

Until the next roll call…


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