The Fangirl’s Journey Through The Classics: Queen of Mystery

Every once in a while there is that odd drama that none of The Fangirls got around to watching when it aired.  Queen of Mystery (Mystery Queen) is just such a drama.  Unexpectedly, the talented promotions for Queen of Mystery 2 had us wondering if we had missed something special.  So come join us as we share our thoughts on Queen of Mystery and maybe you will discover it is a show you should be checking out as well.

Why we have not watched til now

Karie the Maknae: I kept getting sucked into other dramas, but Queen of Mystery was always at the back of my mind. And when one of our readers (HiDarla!) said she was going to watch it, I opted to join her. I am so glad I finally did!

Kmuse: Choi Kang Hee and Kwon Sang Woo are not actors that I usually enjoy so I quickly skipped this drama when it first aired.  However, as it aired there were a lot of people loving it on social media and my interest was piqued.  But since there was going to be a sequel and the first season was open ended I decided to wait and forgot about the show.  It was only when Queen of Mystery 2 started releasing great teasers that I remembered about this show.  Hence, I started and got hooked and now can’t wait to watch season 2.

Drama Geek: At the time I was very burnt out on violent and dumb cops so after watching the first episode, I shelved it. Thankfully, The Fangirls started raving about it as they binge watched before the second season and I started again. The detective ends up being completely different than the character they establish in the first thirty to forty minutes of episode one. I should have stuck to my four episode rule. Though it was tons of fun watching it with the rest of the bloggers.

Kdrama Jen: It wasn’t even on my radar until it became part of the pick your pony podcast discussion. I am very open to persuasion by my fellow drama besties, so…I binge watched it.

Biggest Surprise

Karie the Maknae: I think the format really drew me in. The main female lead, Seol Ok, is smart and funny and down to earth–she’s rarely awkward–and has a shining sincerity to her. But it was the fact that there wasn’t a “mystery of the day/episode” that kept Queen of Mystery from feeling formulaic. There were the overarching mysteries woven throughout the drama, but the smaller mysteries often took two to three episodes to work out.

Kmuse: I was really surprised at how great the chemistry was between our leads.  Not to mention the fun and unique mysteries that they got to solve.  I was entertained the whole 16 hours.

Drama Geek: The female lead’s character really took me by surprise. Detective Ha throws out a comment later in the series about her being like Sherlock Holmes and I think it fits. She’s a LOT nicer than old Mr. Holmes, but she does have a interesting way of looking at the world that lends to solving crimes. She never backs down when she knows she’s right, even to those she once admired.

Kdrama Jen: I loved how smart our leading lady was and how fresh this drama felt. I am not always a fan of this actress, but she was great in this!

Sizzling OTP (One True Partner… solving crime)

Karie the Maknae: As the series went on, I really loved watching Detective Ha and Seol Ok interact. They have such great banter and learn to really respect each other. But as I told the Fangirls, there is another OTP that has my heart — you’ll have to watch to find out who they are, since they’re a late-drama surprise.

Kmuse: It is rare that you find an acting combo that has great chemistry and there is no romance added in.  Not that I would be against romance in season 2 but I don’t feel that it is a must.

Drama Geek: There have been a few pairs in the last year, Chief Kim & Forest of Secrets come to mind, that display amazing timing and chemistry as people but never ventured into romance. I’m not sure if it’s a trend, but I kind of dig it. Detective Ha and Seol Ok could end up having feelings for each other and they tease at it a little bit, but first and foremost they are partners. She does most of the sleuthing, but he adds his gut feelings in the mix, and they make a perfect combo.

Kdrama Jen: They has great crime solving chemistry and maybe something more??? I will be interested to see if they go there in the sequel.

We love us some good side characters!

Karie the Maknae: I lovedlovedloved Puppy Chief Hong, played by Lee Won Keun. He was my favorite part of Jugglers, and that stayed true in Queen of Mystery as well. Team Leader Bae was great fun, and Inspector Woo grew on me.

Kmuse: I enjoyed the Sister and Mother-in-law, which was a huge surprise.  Sure they were lazy and a bit selfish but they still provided some great memorable moments.

Drama Geek: My favorite mystery they solved involved most of the side characters working together to get the criminal. I had a few side OTPs that I was cheering for and my main ship looks like it might be back for season two so I’m excited.

Kdrama Jen: I am absolutely on Team Puppy Chief. I just love his adorable eye smiles. I also really liked the best friend at the lunch box store. They had an easy friendship that had clearly weathered some storms.

Favorite Scenes

Karie the Maknae: THE EGGS. Heh heh heh. Also, Detective Ha shooting out a car’s tires and sliding across the hood. I cheered out loud. I love a LOT about this series, but that’s the one of the prominent scenes that comes to mind. OH! And when Detective Ha gives his jacket to Seol Ok by the elevator. That made me sigh happily.

Drama Geek: The reoccurring theme of Seol Ok running fast. It made me laugh every time, and I loved that Detective Ha commented on it every time. I agree with the Maknae that the scene by the elevator was great, and I also liked the drinking session afterward. They were very candid with each other and it felt very cozy. I also loved any time Seol Ok was proven to be right. It gave me a sense of wonderful satisfaction.

Kmuse: My Co-bloggers mentioned the things that stuck in my mind as well.  Hmmm.  I guess I will talk about the time Seol Ok faked constipation in order to sneak out of the house.  Only to return and find that her Mother-in-law had called the paramedics because she had feared the constipation had proved to much for Seol Ok and she had passed out in the bathroom.  So ridiculous yet so funny.

Kdrama Jen: I enjoyed any scene that detailed Seoul Ok’s thinking and deduction. It was just so much fun to observe her while she was figuring things out and solving crimes.

Do we want romance to rear its head at some point?


Drama Geek: I don’t want the story to focus on their romance. If they keep it as a side thing they mention here and there, then I’m fine with it. I just really like watching them solve crimes.

Kmuse: I am totally OK with a bit of romance thrown into the mix.  But I agree with Drama Geek that I don’t want season two to lose its Sleuthing Charm.

Kdrama Jen: I am good either way. I could get behind the romance as long as we still get some solid crime fighting.

Biggest negative?

Karie the Maknae: I’m not sure that I have one. Maybe the abrupt department change in the middle of the drama, but it makes sense. It just took me a minute to catch on.

Drama Geek: If there wasn’t a second season, I’d probably say the ending. I also think the beginning does Detective Ha’s character a disservice. I’m not sure why Kdrama writers feel the need to establish how violent the cops in their shows are. They’re always a loose cannon that the department has to rein in. I was also not that crazy about his father and the girl that kept trying to force him to marry her, but they were pretty minimal in the annoyance department. And it doesn’t look like they’ll return for season two.

Kmuse: I agree that the open ending would have been a big negative without the promise of a season 2.  I am really glad they came through with the second season so I can continue to enjoy this cast for another 16 episodes.

Kdrama Jen: The lack of closure at the end bothered me. I know there is a second season (and I plan to start it tonight), but there is no guarantee those loose threads from the last one will be tidied up.

Would we recommend?

Karie the Maknae: Absolutely and without reservation. Queen of Mystery was addictive fun, well written, and just all around wonderful. I am so glad there’s a second season!

Drama Geek: YES! Go binge watch it and join us for season two!

Kmuse: I highly recommend it. Still give this show a try even if you think you hate these actors.  You might be delightfully surprised.

Kdrama Jen: Definitely give this a try. I was the last of the fangirls to jump on board, but I am glad I took the dive (or leap or whatever works with that on board metaphor). Go for it!

Til next time,

The Fangirls

6 thoughts on “The Fangirl’s Journey Through The Classics: Queen of Mystery

      • Here’s what ruined Season 2 for me (that I can remember) – They took the focus away from Female Lead’s Sherlock Holms-like abilities and tried to spread out the glory. We all already knew the Male Lead Detective is not dumb but it felt like they tried to (maybe) appease the actor (or somebody) by showing us he’s just as smart as FL. But in S1, FL’s ability to see even the smallest clue (and yet being “just am ahjumma housewife” that nobody cared or trusted her deductions) is what made the series!

        As far as their relationship goes, I was okay with a hint of it or not. But S2 hints far too hard and then not to bring it to fruition. I’d be okay with even solid hints of future fruition even if we are left to assume after the show because of what they showed us. But to bring in an ex of the detective – I’m going to stop right there because I really don’t remember what all happened and I was pretty much checked out and disinterested toward the end.

        • I agree. I got really frustrated the farther the series went. The romance arc was unfinished, and you nailed it — they moved away from focusing on her abilities and her humbleness. The story arc with the weird/mysterious ex could have been handled better — I was just tired of it by the end.

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