4 reasons you should be watching The Flame’s Daughter

Are you ready for a whole bunch of pretty? The Flame’s Daughter, a new Chinese drama, has caught my eye. Read on to discover my top four reasons why you should start watching right now.

Reasons #1-4

Zhang Bin Bin- I can’t stop gazing at him

I am not going to lie. I actually squealed with delight when I saw Zhang Bin Bin would be gracing my screen once again. He captures my attention no matter what role he plays and holds me captive with his deep gazes and stage presence. His character is a bit of a jerk right now, but I could still watch him practice sword fighting in the rain for hours. The end. Go watch him.

Oh, apparently I was supposed to come up with four DIFFERENT reasons to watch. Luckily, I have more!

#5 (or #2 depending if you count Zhang Bin Bin as 4 whole reasons or not)

Dilraba Dilmurat- beautiful and talented

This actress is quickly becoming one of my favorite Chinese leading ladies. She was the fox cousin in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, the queen in King’s Woman, and now the daughter of a powerful martial arts clan. No matter the role, I always find her performances to be compelling and full of artistry. I also love her chemistry with Zhang Bin Bin, so it is always nice to see them on screen together.

#6 (or #3) An intriguing cast of characters

I am still at the first impressions stage. I have only watched the first five episodes or so, but I am finding myself drawn in by the stories of many of the characters. I am convinced most of them have hidden secrets and agendas (pretty typical for an epic Chinese drama) and I want to know more. It can be confusing, trying to figure out who to trust and what to believe, but that is an aspect of Chinese dramas that I love. I enjoy trying to piece together all of the clues to create a full picture. I know some people get frustrated by that, but I think it is part of the charm of Chinese dramas. In this one, we have what appears to be a lover from a past life (and the guy who bites ears), a fiancé who has lost his desire to get married, and a stoic big brother-figure who would probably like to be more. This is only a sampling of the many intriguing characters.

#7 (or #4) Beautiful cinematography

The sweeping vistas and gorgeous scenery make me want to climb through the screen. So many of scenes look like paintings and are truly breathtaking. I find myself watching without subs just to take in all the pretty. This is a drama full of beautiful people and beautiful places.

So, there you have it: seven reasons to start watching Flame’s Daughter. Well, I guess it is technically four different reasons. Let’s not argue over particulars, though.

I am going to keep watching, and I will be back with an update regarding plot points and character depth as soon as I have watched a bit more. For now, though, I encourage you to give it a try.

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10 thoughts on “4 reasons you should be watching The Flame’s Daughter

  1. I’m loving this drama! While the story is incredibly like every other wuxia dramas I ever watched, the characters made it worthwhile to sit through. Their little looks, little touches give a scene so much nuances. And we have a female lead is not a stupid hothead. She may be naive and blindly loyal, but she ain’t dumb, she just lack life experience.

  2. I’m enjoying this novel. I read a lot of (translated into English) Chinese wuxia novels and a clever, strong heroine is a novelty. I like that her family isn’t totally against her traveling the Jianghu world of martial arts. I like that she is age-appropriately fond of her “senior brothers” and I like that she is able to make friends with women. How complicated the plot is – well, I’m not sure on that front. I have read a little of the novel plot online (not the ending, though) and the reason why she is touring the world of brothels at the beginning is because Zhang Bin tells her (secretly) that she is not sexually attractive and that he won’t love her until she is. Alas, Viki translates that to “bland.” So, I’m not seeing a happy future for him!

  3. I was so hyped for this, but then ended up avoiding as I didn’t want to see another heartbroken Zhang Bin Bin. Learning that his character is a jerk doesn’t help, but he does look too swoony. *echoes the squeal.

  4. The Flame’s Daughter is an awesome historical drama! I agree with you on the mystery of Chinese dramas. I wish Bin Bin wasn’t such an douch; it’s so hard to feel sorry for him with the way he treats Ru Ge. 🙁

    • I still can’t tear my eyes away from him when he is on my screen. I keep waiting for them to reveal he is under the influence of a magical spell. I want him to be nice.

  5. Im just done watching this drama … OMG another Great Quality drama frm China .. whnever sad scene .. i cry as much the actress cry hahahahha 😂

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