Queen of Mystery 2: First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

It’s only been a week since The Fangirls finished Queen of Mystery season 1 . . . and here we are getting to talk about season 2.  Woot!  Life is good.  Come join us as we share our first impressions of Queen of Mystery 2.

Karie the Maknae: I think I’ve mentioned more than once just how much I loved Queen of Mystery. Seol Ok was smart and unassuming, Detective Ha was cocky but not too full of pride to listen to Seol Ok, the supporting cast is quirky and clever, and the mysteries were perfectly done. See? Love.

Kmuse: I am so excited that everyone is back (even if it is only for a quick cameo) for season 2.  I learned to love these characters and it would not be the same if the whole cast just changed with no notice.

Drama Geek: The show just hit my Nancy Drew loving little girl heart. Seol Ok is my hero and I love how whoever she comes in contact with she manages to either get them sleuthing right along side her, or pissed them off because she knows more than they do. And the rest of the characters are great…. Haha.

Karie the Maknae: I’m happy to report that the second season is shaping up to be just as wonderful. Our leads have acknowledged their mutual attraction and it’s being handled in the best way possible — with little shoulder best friends whispering in their ears and telling them what to do! There’s a night where they get drunk, confront their mutual baggage, and then there are shenanigans involving a ring that send the story off into an interesting tailspin.

Kmuse: I like that they have a tiny nugget of romance that is put on the back burner as our OTP (one true pairing) does what they do best . . .bicker and solve crimes.

Drama Geek: I was a little worried they’d focus too much on the romance, but as the Maknae said, they handled it in a way that acknowledges their feelings but sets them aside to come back to later. I’m not always a fan of misunderstandings being the only reason a couple isn’t together, but the show doesn’t let it get in the way of their crime solving relationship so I’m okay with it.

Karie the Maknae: The introduction of a new set of quirky side characters was brilliantly done, especially Kim Won Hae’s chief detective with literary aspirations–the kind of aspirations that everyone else runs and hides from and makes them regret the turning of the seasons. Heh heh heh.

Kmuse: I love the chief detective.  For that matter, I usually love everything this actor does.  I also really enjoyed the new cops and their frenemy antagonism towards Detective Ha.  He really isn’t a team player . . . unless it is with Seol Ok.

Drama Geek: I DIED laughing when the chief detective was getting writing advice from his hoobaes. This is me with my poor family. I was just making my kids pick a cat name for a pet they will never own.  I think they did a great job adding the new characters. My only complaint is I was convinced that my favorite side OTP would be in season two since they posted pictures of their window kissy faces, but it seems they were just in the first episode. I do hope that BFF Kyung Mi shows back up after she graduates the police academy.

Karie the Maknae: So am I in? I am IN. Our main characters are maintaining their comfortable banter and have found their rhythm easily. I loved them before and I anticipate loving it now. Hurrah for Queen of Mystery 2!!

Kmuse: I also am 100% in.  I love the romantic shenanigans, the intricate crimes, and the mysterious damsels in distress that is more than likely our bad guy for the season.  This is shaping up to be yet another awesome drama.

Drama Geek: I found myself dreaming of a third season last night as I watched episode 3. Most Kdramas benefit from the one season format, but I feel like these characters would just grow and become better with time. That probably won’t happen since it’s not the norm, but a girl can hope.

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