The Cheese in the Trap Movie is set to premier and I am conflicted.

So……… a few years ago there was this little webtoon adaptation of a drama called Cheese in The Trap.  During the first half of the drama I was 100% hooked and all was right in the Dramaverse. But then things such as behind the scene turmoil, diva actors, and nutty netizens got involved.  Not to mention, all of the crazyiness surrounding the script and what the Webtoon writer wanted vs what the screenwriter wanted.  It pretty much turned into a giant mess and the second half of the drama was a disaster.

So imagine my shock when they announced that they were going to create a movie adaptation right as the drama was ending. Personally, it just didn’t make sense. Especially since they recast the whole thing with the exception of the leading man. What is the point? Will any of the issues with the plot be fixed? Am I willing to sit through two hours of possible torture, simply to find out if it is better than the disaster it is based on? Turns out I will. The trailer makes it look a lot less muddled and as far as I can tell Park Hae Jin and Oh Yeon Seo might have chemistry. I guess what it comes down to is that since it is only two hours I am willing to sacrifice the time to see if there can be any closure for my feelings in regards to this piece of work. What about you? Are you willing to give this project a second chance? Let me know in the comments and be tuned for my review when it becomes available with subs.

7 thoughts on “The Cheese in the Trap Movie is set to premier and I am conflicted.

  1. Definitely! All the other stuff and director changes were crazy but liked the story line.

    Here’s hoping our 2 hours and $15 is worth it!

  2. I still like the first version of CITT – I’ve probably rewatched it three or four times. I haven’t kept up with the Webtoon, though, I don’t really know how far it changed from the original author’s intent.

    I liked all the character and felt they really portrayed the problems of family and school well. The melancholy, the estrangement, the sadness slowly blossoming into love – I really connected with it.

    The big problem, however, was with the very abrupt ending. Yes, they separated and it appears they will reunite but really, what would Jung have done during those years? His first psychologist was an absolute mess – he was the one who told Jung’s dad that Jung needed “watching” instead of doing any useful counseling. Jung’s dad could also have used a year off getting “help” as well. The writing went all crap from the moment she was in the hospital. It’s like the show’s writers/director realized that with all the complaints from fans and the author, they wouldn’t be able to make everyone happy so they just cut and ran. One giant “take the money and run” for them, one giant WTF for the rest of us.

    As for the movie, I’ll watch it. It also seems like a nice selection of actors. I particularly like
    Park Ki Woong, although I think he would have been a better Jung than Baek In Ho. He just does mildly weird characters so well!

    I haven’t watched many of these besides Tiny Times but it’s pretty common for Chinese dramas to have a sister movie production as well with different actors. Often out at the same time!

    So, here’s hoping it will be an Amazon rental before too long . . .

  3. I have no idea…

    I feel drawn to watch it. And I don’t know why!! Maybe just to see what the ending could be like here. But with the same actor, Park Hae-Jin, the movie feels like a reenactment of the drama. It just feels so weird and pointless. I guess if I stumble upon it, I’ll probably watch it. But I don’t know if I’ll go out my way to hunt it down. 🙂

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